It has gone viral on the TikTok social network the video of a Colombian making fun of some Russian soldiers, who think that he is hiding in a tower in front, but he is actually behind them.

At the beginning of the recording, the man, who also appears to be a soldier, shows that he is hiding and mocks the Russian military, as they believe that he is hiding in a tower in front of their location.

“Look at them, there they are, they believe that we are in that tower, see how they hit us if you see. They believe that we are there, but little lies (Laughter) we turned it around. They want to break us (Laughter)”, commented the man.

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He also assured that he was going to wait in that position until the Russians ran out of ammunition so they could attack them.

“They do not know what awaits them later. We are waiting for them to run out of all ammunition to counterattack. I already took everything off, I am ready to go,” he concluded.

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It is unknown when this video was recorded, however, it has recently gone viral on TikTok. This has already accumulated several “likes” and comments from Internet users, who have left their opinions.

In other recordings, the man has shown that with the help of some colleagues they have been able to recover certain areas that the Russians had invaded. In additionaffirmed that they are in that country to defend people who cannot take up arms and who are afraid.


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