Come From Away -the multi-award winning Broadway musical- returns to the Teatro Maipo in Buenos Aires every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting April 29.

The musical -directed by Carla Calabrese and produced by The Stage Company- will have 15 actors on stagewill have the special participation of a Live band and will share the Maipo stage with the successful play Consent.

Come From Awaythe multi-award winning musical has a 2017 Grammy nomination to his credit

The great success of musical theater in 2022 is preceded by great reviews and important prizes, in addition to having received the record de 23 Hugo Award nominations for Musical Theater and 13 Ace Award nominations.

In addition, the Broadway hit has received 4 Olivier Awards 2019 and has 7 Tony Award nominations to his credit and one to the Grammy 2017.

Tickets for Come From Away -which can be purchased directly at the theater ticket office or through Plateanet- start at 3,500 pesos.

The story is based on a true event

What is “Come From Away” about?

The musical tells the story of 7,000 passengers who, on September 11, 2001, were stranded in Gander, a town in Canada.

Their flights -from different parts of the world- were diverted. Therefore, these passengers will be forced to survive and socialize in an unknown place.

To the surprise of many, the newcomers – who double the number of inhabitants of the town– are very well received and begin to exercise -by action or omission- a strong cultural exchange.

The history is based on a true event and its main objective is to show that there is a world without borders in which help is provided without expecting anything in return.

Carla Calabrese, the multifaceted artist who is in charge of Maipo and directs Come From Away

The cast of “Come From Away”

The cast of Come From Away It is made up of 15 actors: Gabriela Bevacqua, Carla Calabrese, Sebastian Holz, mela lenoir, Fernando Margenet, Argentine Molinuevo, Edgar Moreira, Silvina Nieto, Marisol Otero, Augustine Perez Costa, Paul Sultani, silvana tome, manu victoria, lali vidal and witis duck.

Edgar Moreira
mela lenoir
Sebastian Holz
Marisol Otero
Paul Sultani

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