In the first month of this year, Diego Brancatelli He had to be hospitalized because he suffered a herniated disc that complicated his state of health. Since then they have treated him, but in the last few hours the journalist suffered in the same area.

As he commented on his personal social networks yesterday, the journalist from C5N he had to be assisted again by medical specialists. “Again the hernias, again the nightmares“, wrote brancatelli in a stories of instagram.

in communication with Clarionthe journalist from Argenzuela he remembered how he began to feel the pain and little by little they became more complicated. “In January my discs exploded, I had been in pain for years, but last Monday I was hard after a trip where I exerted myself too much“, he began by saying.

Then he continued: “I came back from Iguazu waterfallswhere I went as a family for three days as part of the celebrations of my 10-year marriage, but I walked a lot pushing a stroller for one of the children, a lot of stairs and that ended up resenting the area“.

On the other hand, the journalist said that he is trying to avoid the operation.”I’m trying to avoid the operation. For now I’m getting away, but it’s horrible to live like this. I had a blockage 3 months ago and it seems that the effect is wearing off. I have to continue working and see how I continue. There are a lot of instructions to follow, so as I told you, avoid the knife“, commented white“.

Finally, he explained that the medication helps him a lot. “Now I had to take it back tramadolwhich is a derivative of the morphine, because this does not allow me to live in peace. It hurts constantly. To sit, for everything“, hill Diego Brancatelli.

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