While performing his participation on the stage of the Festival of the Vallenata Legend of Valledupar, Diomedes Dionisio Díaz, one of the sons of the famous deceased singer, revealed that he will be in a reunion at the Bonita Club nightclub, in a concert in which several of the heirs of the Cacique de La Junta will beas revealed by the portal Pulzo.com.

It is worth remembering that this edition of the Vallenato Legend Festival is dedicated to ‘El Pollo Vallenato’, Luis Enrique Martínez.

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Half a century has passed since that April in which Luis Enrique Martínez Argote (1923-1995) came for the third time to participate in the Vallenato Legend Festival, excited to win a crown that had eluded him twice.

The Vallenato Legend Festival is held in his honor and the 61 accordion players who aspire to the title of king 2023 arrive at the festival competitions
l with more than twenty songs from the repertoire of this legendary accordion master prepared.

The five best, those who reach the final, will have to interpret -among their four airs- a song of theirs defined by ballot, in a raffle that will be done live before the public of the Parque de la Leyenda.

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These songs include classics such as ‘El pollo vallenato’, ‘Jardín de Fundación’, ‘Alcirita’, ‘Qué dolor’, ‘El gallo jabao’ and ‘La carta’.

Thus, on the night of April 30, the title of Rey Vallenato will be won by the one who best interprets the accordion, the airs that Martínez, with his genius and innovation of that time, helped to define.