After sudden death of the Queen isabel IIin September 2022, his eldest son, prince carlos, who until then served as Prince of Waleswill take possession of the British crown at 74 years of age.

a few hours from the important ceremony, which has not been held since June 2, 1953after 70 years of his mother’s reign, details of what the Coronation of King Carlos III.

The event begins with the well-known “king procession”which is a two-kilometre route, where the monarch will move from the Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

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are around 2,000 people were invited to the ceremony, among which are members of royals from other European royal houses, foreign dignitaries, civil society representativesamong others.

the royal couple will travel in an exclusive carriage made for Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, drawn by six Windsor Gray horses and escorted by members of the royal household cavalry. It should be noted that air conditioning and electric windows were adapted to the float for the comfort of the monarch.

The music that will entertain the event is of great importance, since King Charles and Camila Parker Bowles commissioned 12 new musical works to be composedIn addition, the anthem and the march will be sung by great personalities of British music such as Andrew Lloyd Webber and Patrick Doyle.

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During the ceremony, King Carlos III will receive several sceptres, swords and a ring, which symbolizes power, authority, the duties of the monarch and the power of God. You will also receive the heavy St Edward’s Crown -only used at the time of the coronation-, then he will use the Imperial State Crown that the rest of the event will wear. Besides, Camilla Parker Bowles, she will be crowned queen consort during a shorter ceremony.

After the formal ceremony at the westminster abbeythe monarchs will head back to the Buckingham Palace, where they will greet the crowd with the rest of the family from the balcony.

Likewise, it is known that giant screens will be installed at strategic points in London and other cities in the country, for the transmission of the event, these screens will be located in the parks Hyde Park, Green Park and St James Park in London.

However, the celebration does not end there, as the palace has a series of events scheduled over the weekend, where a concert at Windsor Castle in which Katy Perry and Lionel Richie will participate.

This will be the historic coronation of King Carlos III in the United Kingdom

Mónica Elliston, an expert on British royalty, speaks exclusively with EL TIEMPO about the details of the ceremony.


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