Polino gave his opinion on the statements of Lourdes Sanchez in which he assured that his times as a dancing jury were a thing of the past. “what a daring girl uh… I’m about to enter the Guinness Book record because I’m the person who made the most talent jury in the world. I’ll send you the certificate you’ll never have,” she said sharply.

She is very cardboard… She starts and still gets something…”, he pointed out sharply. Regarding what he considers Lourdes lacks to be in the new season of Dancing, he explained: “She lacks stellarity… Even if you have a good husband, yes You don’t bring it…”

“There are going to be several very funny characters and others who are going to dance very well. The mix between talent and the media is good. Alfa seems fun to me. I love Julieta and Coti should be there to confront and for Lourdes to burst from the house…” he said bluntly.

“I think that today Coti is the most famous from Corrientes. Put each one in a different corner and look… They push her to Lourdes to go and kiss Coti…”, he opined mischievously.

Regarding how he thinks the dynamics will be with his companions in Dancing, he explained: “I think there will be no jury president this year. We work very well, huh. We had a super good experience that year.”

What happened between Lourdes Sánchez and Coti Romero

Lourdes Sanchez was misinterpreted by Coti Romero, a former participant of Big Brotherafter having commented on THE M that the young woman lacked technique for the Dancing 2023. Then the former player accused her of being jealous and of “not supporting another Correntina” (province from which both are from). In that context, PEOPLE He communicated with the driver who clarified his statements.

This Tuesday, in THE MCoti spoke angrily of Lourdes Sanchez. “I saw some things on social networks and then I said: ‘how strange, isn’t it?’ I mean, because she is from Corrientes. Perhaps if Virginia Gallardo had closed the doors to her at that time, she would not be where she is today. Being Corrientes Gallardo , starting with a career, what do I know, opens the doors to other Correntinas. And it seems to me that it is rather ugly on their part”, express.

Lourdes Sánchez’s response to Coti Romero from Big Brother

When asked by PEOPLE Regarding the young woman’s words, Lourdes emphatically replied: “Oh no, zero. I love her. I even said that I saw her from Angelita. they understood anyone“. Then he explained: “It seems to me that she did not see the note. They asked me who she saw in Dancing and I talked about Juli Poggio because I know her and I know that she dances. When they asked me about Coti I said that I imagined her as Angelita because she has a beak… Whenever they ask me about her, I rebank her because she is from Corrientes and I have the best. It seems to me that they wanted to puncture her, but zero. I love it! and in the Dancing I would break it, “she finished her.

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