Cristian Castro, renowned Mexican singer, surprised his fans by appearing at the Miranda duet concert last Friday. The show, which took place at the Gran Rex theater in Argentina, It was widely commented on for the embarrassing spectacle put on by the interpreter of ‘Azul’.

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The composer sang ‘Prisoner’ in the company ofe Alejandro Sergi and Juliana Gattas, members of the group, for which it was quite celebrated by the spectators who came to this Buenos Aires venue. However, everything went to the background because Castro began to take off his clothes.

The son of ‘Loco’ Valdés was present with a blue lycra sports outfit, which he was detaching from his body as the song went on. At the end, he took off his jacket and was left in his underwear in front of the fans, who jumped in joy when they saw the “crazy” behavior of the artist.

For their part, Miranda’s vocalists looked stunned, however, noticing the reaction of their audience, they went to hug him to thank him for appearing on their show. The action divided opinions in the digital community, between those who supported him and those who criticized him.

The famous man showed without shame that he has a few extra kilos, so several people mentioned on the Internet that they liked this type of action, as it shows that he cares little about what they say and accepts his body as it is.

“The girl in the blue bikini”, “Without filters”, “She is not afraid of what they will say”, “She is a true example”, “She does and says what she wants”, “Live as you want and enjoy”“He doesn’t care about anything, he’s a genius” and “He got together with the right people”, were some of the interactions of Internet users.

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