This Saturday, the successful band of Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas started his new show, titled “Hotel Miranda!” at the Gran Rex theater. This new project, which the pop duo carried out over the past year, is about an un remackand of his most successful songs together with different national and international artists.

Despite the furor caused by the revival of the band’s most successful songs on stage, one of their collaborations, with Cristian castro stole all the looks and applause after performing a striptease in public. The theme that she interpreted is titled Prisoner and was released by the duo in the year 2007.

The Mexican wore very tight leggings and a blue diver, but arriving at the end of the presentation, just when the singers asked the audience to applaud him, Christian The upper part was removed and he was left only with the shoe, for which the comments about the unexpected moment exploded on the network.

At the end of the show, the Mexican singer shared through his personal account of instagram a photograph of the show with the Argentine group and detailed: “Miranda I want to be”. Given this, Sergi and Gattas they responded with emoji of fire at the same time: “Thank you luck our guest!”.

Verónica Castro talked about her son’s striptease

The great Mexican star and actress, Veronica Castro, reacted to the controversy that unleashed his son’s outfitCristian Castror, in the last concert of mirandawhen he reinterpreted “Prisoner“and decided to try to dismiss user criticism on social media.

My son Cristiano, turning 40, singing and always having fun, without hurting anyone, healthy and humble, congratulations love”wrote Veronica on his personal Twitter account. The message was accompanied by a screenshot of the images that her son posted with the presentation he made at the Gran Rex theater. The artist attached an emoji of the hands in a prayer position, another of a blue heart and one more of the face laughing to tears.

The veteran actress’s message was responded to by some of her more than 445,000 followers on Twitter: “Your son marked many lives with his music, thank you very much for giving us that gift. A luxury of music and human being”, “Let him do what he wants”, “He is a great guy”, “He is an adored one who sings beautifully”, “Have fun always”, “He is the happy rooster forever”, “So funny that he does not care about criticism, he is a free spirit, may he continue like this, giving away laughter and envy for daring what others do not ”, can be read in response to the tweet of Veronica.

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