Cristiano Ronaldo and Gergina Rodriguez They make up one of the most famous and talked about couples in the world press. On social networks they can be seen as a happy and successful family, but in Portugal they assure that not everything is as it seems.

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While Ronaldo scores goals in Arabian soccer, Georgina is permanent news due to the news generated by her series on Netflix, ‘I’m Georgina’, where she has recounted intimacies about her family relationship with the Portuguese star.

Is there a crisis?

The story of the beginning of the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez has had something to talk about after making their relationship official.


Instagram: @Christian

However, Portuguese television states that the player “is fed up with her” and that there is a couple crisis.

According to the ‘Noite das Estrelas’ program, on the CMTV network, several other Portuguese media indicate that Cristiano would be “tired” of the attitude adopted by Georgina Rodríguez, which they describe as “far from reality”, “forced” and ” frivolous”.

Georgina will also share her day to day and what her daily life is like as a model, businesswoman and mother.

The program had the presence of the psychologist Quintino Aries, who analyzed the couple’s attitude in recent weeks at public events.

“Ronaldo’s latest behavior shows two things: that his personal life is not in a happy moment and that the more he gets away from his mother, Dolores Aveiro, the less tempered he is. And we all know why he is getting further away from his family Quintino said.

Cristiano Ronaldo on his 37th birthday, accompanied by his wife Georgina Rodríguez.


Instagram: @Christian

For his part, Daniel Nascimento, a journalist, added: “Ronaldo is not happy. Georgina spends the day stuck in a shopping center in Riyadh and that is one of the reasons why Cristiano is starting to find this story not funny.. He just spends and spends and spends. And worst of all, it is believed that he is equal to Cristiano. She’s putting herself on a pedestal by herself and he’s not liking it at all.”

However, there was also defense. Filipa Castro, whom they describe as a friend of Cristiano, said: “I can confirm from a 100% reliable source that they are as always. Super good. These are stories, gossip commissioned by people who can’t stand Gio.”


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