we are before the plus sign spiritual of the entire astral panorama. Pisces are tremendously intuitive and dreamy. They tend to be very patient, although they are fanciful and are often disappointed because they have made a composition of the place that has little to do with reality. They are generally quite intense and a bit chaotic. It is, in short, a sign Too complex.

we tell you what do the stars have in store for you today, this week and this month. In addition, we analyze how they are, with which signs they are most compatible, what are their most positive qualities and what traits of your personality they are more negative. We also tell you how they behave in love and what it means that you have the ascendant in this sign.

Pisces daily horoscope

As a good water sign, you connect perfectly with your emotions. You know yourself very well and you know that today you need peace and quiet. It is a good time for you to practice a ‘hobbie’ and take time to be with your family or with that friend you haven’t seen in so long. Sometimes it’s great to stop and catch up with the people who love us. And from time to time, it is not bad to enjoy a quiet Saturday. It’s better than today put excesses aside because you are at a time when they can take their toll on you. Your motto today? ‘Relax’.

Daily horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

Pisces weekly horoscope

‘Give or take away’ will be your new vital motto with Mercury Retrograde doing its thing. You are going to take stock of the people who deserve to be in your life and of those who, on the other hand, do not bring you anything good. Reflect and think about things, it is important that you do not act impulsively and, above all, that don’t make any determinative decision during this week. You may still be somewhat confused, as much as you have super intuition, you don’t need to cross out people in your circle at once.

As for love, if you have a partner, it is likely that you will begin to reconnect with them. You have had a difficult time, in which you needed to be on your own and feel free, but now you return to the nest and you need to feel the warmth of home. In fact, maybe this week put all the meat on the spit to try to make up for these last days of absolute detachment. Don’t whip yourself eitherPisces, it is normal that, from time to time, you want to have a space.

Weekly horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

Pisces monthly horoscope

You are going through a time when you feel especially valued and that is giving you the strength to get energy from even under the stones. You have a lot of work and, sometimes, the stress is a little high. But you are doing very well thanks to your ability to cope with everything and that spiritual facet that guides you. It is likely that that super power that you have in the form of intuition tells you that there is someone who has a double face. You, as always, will tend to think that you are wrong because you do not like to think ill of anyone, but nevertheless, you better listen to yourself and follow your gut. Do not trust that person because he has come to unbalance you and can give you more than a hard time.


You need take care of your spiritual part. You know that it is very important in your life and, lately, with so much work you have been a little neglected. In addition, it is precisely one of the facets to which you have to pay more attention because It helps you a lot to control stress. that generates that work overload.

work and finances

You have so much work that you don’t know how you’re going to have time to cope to the mountain of pending tasks that you still have to do. Breathe, take a breath and, above all, surrender to meditation. You are showing everything you are worth and, all that effort, is being highly valued. So, despite everything, you can be happy.


you are passing a bit distant streak or, rather, independent. You feel like spending time, pampering yourself… It’s okay, that doesn’t mean you love your partner less, if you have one. Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to spend 24 hours a day stuck together and that you must necessarily do everything together. It’s good that you keep your space and you want to improve your relationship with the most important person: yourself.

Color: fiery red and lilac.

Number 19

Day of the month: 23

Monthly horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

How are the Pisces

pisces is a water sign, ruled by the planet Neptune and which is in direct opposition to Virgo. He is the last of the Zodiacal wheel and, precisely for this reason, the most complicated. His symbol is represented by two fish swimming in different directions, which expresses very well the chaos that governs his life. Of course, as Neptune is their ruler, they are very spiritual and they are attracted to everything esoteric. One of its most characteristic features is his great intuition: They have it super developed but, sometimes, they try not to listen to it because they try to deceive themselves and think well of everyone. For them, it is easy to adapt to changes because they simply let everything flow. Their great social skills and their gift for analyzing others also help them to do so.

They tend to be quite patient and it is difficult to make them lose their roles. Of course, if they get angry they can be quite hurtful. Although, on the other hand, they are not spiteful at all, their disgust quickly passes. If they are faced with a situation that they do not like, the most normal thing is that they run out of there and run away as far as possible. If there’s one thing they can’t stand, it’s greed.

They have a very good memory, although they often they are quite clueless. That is because they have their heads in the clouds And they spend the day daydreaming. They tend to build castles in the air and also have a lot of imagination. Said in a more practical way: they are extremely creative. They are also very sensitive, empathetic and compassionate. They can be somewhat indecisive and, although they live in the present, it is not surprising that they always look askance at the past. It is difficult for them to close a stage and they always tend to leave the door ajar.

Pisces Compatibilities

If there is something that Pisces cannot stand, it is that criticize them unnecessarily. You can understand that a comment is made, as long as it is constructive but never gratuitous. In addition, that they try to manipulate him drives them out of their boxes. So, his relationship with signs like Sagittarius or Gemini it will not be easy. However, they highly value people who are capable of showing their fragility and sharing their feelings, so they will be their perfect partner. Cancer and Scorpio.

Pisces Positive Traits

They are very spiritual they have a lot of patience and an intuition worthy of the best detective in the world. Their memory is enviable and they analyze everything in detail. Also, they are very empathetic and generous. They easily adapt to almost any situation and have no problem relating to everyone. Also, if they get angry, the irritation lasts a second.

Pisces Negative Traits

often have sudden mood swings and, besides, they are not very good at dealing with problems, his reaction is always to run away. Tend to fantasize about reality and, for that reason, they are capable of building not only castles in the air, but an entire palace, including a moat. They have too much imagination. Besides, find it difficult to detach from the past and they usually carry the ‘vital backpack’ well loaded.

How are Pisces in love?

they are super romantic and they look for a deep love, that is for all the life. When they fall in love they become even more intense and have no qualms about showing their feelings. Looking for, above all, healthy relationships. His biggest problem is that, many times, idealize the other person and, when they begin to see that the idea they had formed does not fit with reality, they are disappointed.

What does it mean to have a Pisces ascendant?

The Ascendant reflects how you present yourself and relate to the outside world. Those who have it in Pisces are people very spiritual and intuitivewith a great imagination and tremendously sensitive. In general, they try to avoid conflict and are outgoing and very generous with those who want