Virgo is definitely the most rational sign of the entire zodiac. They are extremely perfectionist, analytical and very demanding with everything around them (including themselves). They like stability, routine and, in addition, they have a sense of responsibility very strong. Be careful trying to fool them because they are super intuitive.

we tell you what do the stars have in store for you today, this week and this month. In addition, we analyze how they are, with which signs they are most compatible, what are their most positive qualities and what traits of your personality they are more negative. We also tell you how they behave in love and what it means that you have the ascendant in this sign.

Virgo daily horoscope

Friend, Why not start planning that trip that makes you so excited today? And it would be nice if you shared it with someone around you who is not having a good time. Your sister, a friend, your partner… I’m sure someone needs you to push him a little and that trip can be a great joy for him. And if it’s not a trip, organize a special plan so she knows how much you love her.

At work you will be happy and calm, working very well as a team. Don’t forget to recognize the work of your classmates to make the atmosphere even better.

Daily horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

Virgo weekly horoscope

You are in a great moment: happy, happy, fun, you are a magnet for those around you so it is possible that many work and love proposals will arise. And you deserve it, because you’ve worked hard to leave the past behind, overcome your fears and strengthen your self-esteem. Believe it because you are full of gifts and talents. Of course, do not forget to be humble and grateful, to give without asking in return because the reward will be enormous.

In the work aspect you will feel much more open to changes and it is possible that you will receive an interesting proposal and that it will also mean an economic improvement.

Weekly horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

Virgo monthly horoscope

Virgo, you have come a long way in the last few months. Look how you were a year ago, it’s incredible, you seem like a different person. Lately some thoughts haunt you (or even dreams) that you have to start discarding as soon as possible because they are not going to help you. You have to think about everything you have achieved and how proud you can be of yourself, as is everyone around you. Stop analyzing everything so much and don’t think about it so much, it’s best to make a ‘clean slate’ and move on to something else. You can’t let that person continue influencing your mood and your life like this, but if he succeeds, don’t beat yourself up either, you’re human


You have to start managing stress because, otherwise, it will end up taking its toll on you. Every day you wake up with a new ailment and that’s because your body is telling you that you need to slow down. How about doing some kind of meditation? Nothing will hurt you, on the one hand to relax and, on the other, to connect with yourself.

work and finances

You love your profession and you give yourself to the maximum but, lately, you’re totally overwhelmed. You have too many responsibilities and you don’t get to everything. You know that it is impossible to cover so many tasks, so perhaps it is time to assume that you will not be able to cope with all of them. It’s okay to admit that, this time, the organization has failed youVirgo.


You are living a very sweet moment. You feel fully loved, respected and understood. Although on the other hand you feel that you are not dedicating to the relationship all the time that you should. Put guilt aside you push yourself too hard and it’s not good for you or the relationship. If the thing works, the other person must understand that you are a little more saturated than normal…

If you’re single Be careful with going back to places you shouldn’t go back to Not even to gain momentum. Don’t idealize a situation that you know all it did was hurt you.

Color: mint green and pale pink.

Number: 8, 16

Day of the month: 12

Monthly horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

What are Virgos like?

Virgo is a earth signin direct opposition to Pisces and ruled by the planet Mercury.

Virgos are calm people, in whom logic rules, above all, and who they don’t like to attract attention (nor those who call her). They may be somewhat quiet at first, but everything changes as soon as they gain confidence. They need to have everything under control, have a routine and an orderly life. Of course, they like to go out and have a good time, but their responsible instinct makes it highly unlikely that they will do anything crazy. They are very realistic and hate to waste time. They analyze everything down to the millimeter, which makes them constantly worry because their mind won’t stop for a second. Besides, “think wrong and be right” It is a motto that can be applied to them perfectly since they are very distrustful, in this way, they try to protect themselves and avoid being hurt. They are somewhat critical of their environment and they tend to look for ‘buts’ to everything.

On the other hand, they can become very annoying if they are angry. What’s more, they usually pay for it with those they love the most, because with the rest of the world, they perfectly maintain their forms. Are very manic and extremely perfectionist, which makes them have a great level of demand with themselves and that they work really hard (almost with true devotion). He never makes decisions lightly, like a good earth sign, they worry a lot about the future and they always try to examine each matter to the fullest. And it is that, for Virgo, nothing is black or white.

A super power? The intuition, they have it super developed and they are able to tell if you are lying to them almost by looking at you. Perhaps that is why they value sincerity and loyalty so much.

Virgo Compatibilities

Virgo seeks stability, commitment and to be supported and understood, so, Taurus or Capricorn They will undoubtedly be your ideal partner. They give a lot of importance to reason and logic, which means that they do not get along with people who are too passionate or emotionally unstable, so their relationships with Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini they can be somewhat stormy.

Positive Virgo Traits

They are persons very sincere (perhaps too much), that they will always say what they think but without losing – almost never – their calm. Virgo, above all, keeps the forms. They are very delicate, organized, orderly and tremendously detailed. They are also very practical, so they don’t usually waste time on trifles: they always focus on what’s important. In addition, they really like their work and give themselves to the fullest. Be careful because, despite being tremendously rational beings, they are also very affectionate when they want.

Negative Virgo Traits

Are somewhat grumpy and they think about things so much that they can be maniacal. In general, it is quite difficult for them to admit mistakes, although later they have a level of self-demand that is too high, They can’t stand making mistakes, which makes them very critical. with themselves, but also with their environment. tend to distrust from others and can become very shy.

How are Virgos in love?

They want everything to be perfect and live a movie story. Virgo will never waste time if he really has no interest. are more than prove with facts than with words and, although it costs them at first, later they are super romantic and affectionate. They are transparent and, although they try not to show their feelings too much, they are unable to hide them. Be careful because they are somewhat controllingthey can’t help it.

What does it mean to have a Virgo ascendant?

The Ascendant reflects how you present yourself and relate to the outside world. Those who have it in Virgo are usually very perfectionists, analytical and responsible. They are also thoughtful, practical and quite calm. Of course, they can also be somewhat critical and a bit manic.