Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheelthat makes it represent the new beginnings and, therefore, that they have an overflowing energySo much so that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them. They are very loyal, sincere and responsible, and if there is something they cannot stand, it is injustice.

we tell you what do the stars have in store for you today, this week and this month. In addition, we analyze how they are, with which signs they are most compatible, what are their most positive qualities and what traits of your personality they are more negative. We also tell you how they behave in love and what it means that you have the ascendant in this sign.

Aries daily horoscope

Dear Aries, today you are at the social topeveryone will recognize and admire you, don’t you feel the energy left by the Sagittarius full moon this weekend? You know your worth and you are willing to fight for your goals, do not let yourself be defeated because the path lights up for you. On the love plane you begin to be very well focused, You’ve finally made a good choice dear.

Daily horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

Aries weekly horoscope

you finally got change mood. You are much more relaxed and happy, you have managed to get out of the ‘stress mode’ in which you were installed and it seems that everything is beginning to flow in the labor and social field. And that is the attitude with which you must continue and that will allow you not to take your obligations so seriously and distance yourself from all those situations and people that used to leave you without energy. Observe everything with distance and perspective, without anticipating the future, enjoying the present moment, do not suffer for what surely will not even happen.

After the eclipse that has occurred in your sign you will feel much calmer and more focused in all aspects. It is very possible that new unexpected job opportunities will appear, that someone special will appear in your life or that you will even see with new eyes someone in your environment that until now you had not considered as a possible partner (maybe a friend?). Open up to any change, project or new person because they can bring you many unexpected joys.

Weekly horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

Aries monthly horoscope

It’s time for the Universe to look after you. With Pluto retrograde it is possible that you close a door or that overcome some fears of the past once and for all. Now, it’s time to let go of that part of your life and look only forward. It may be that change some relationships that you maintain with your circle, either because you distance yourself from the people that you have realized do not contribute anything to you or, on the contrary, because you strengthen ties with those who add up in your life. Be that as it may, in May, you are going to need to feel the warmth of yoursno matter how independent you are.


It is important that keep stress at bay. You are always accelerating and now it is necessary that you step on the brake. You need to lower your revolutions and spend a calmer time. Plus, it’s something you’ll notice because the body is going to ask you for it. So please listen to him.

work and finances

You can be very proud because you are working super hard and your team appreciates it the most. You are always the person who pulls the car and you are capable of solving (almost) any unforeseen event. I don’t know what they would do without you… and neither do you.


Oh Aries, you have to try to leave a little space for the other person. Sometimes you are too controlling and when you go into ‘sergeant’ mode you become quite unbearable. Please, try to have a little empathy and understand that everyone has their rhythm when it comes to doing things. If you are single, you may have an unexpected call…

Color: lilac and silver.

Number: 6, 9

Day of the month: 15

Monthly horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

How are the Aries

Aries is a fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars and in direct opposition to Libra. Being the first sign of the zodiac, they represent the birth, the origin and the beginning.

All this means, to begin with, that they have tireless energy: They are born on the gas pedal and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with them. They are also somewhat impulsive and need to attract attention in any situation, they love to be noticed. yes, they are super sincere and loyal so you can always take their word for it, plus they don’t mince words because they are very direct (maybe too much).

If there is something they can’t stand, it’s injustice and they are going to fight them tooth and nail because they are super warriors, but also extremely intelligent: this combination is dangerous if you want to face them. Although, on the other hand, in general they are very funny and smilingso they will make you have a very good time.

At work they are very responsible and efficientThey tend to take the initiative and love to lead any situation.

Aries Compatibilities

Taurus, Leo and Aquarius They are his big ‘match’. And it is that, the Aries need to have close people as passionate as they are. They notice everyone who stands out, although they also love challenges, so they tend to fall in love with somewhat conflicting people. With Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius they will make very good friends, as with scorpioalthough sparks may fly in their relationship.

Positive Aries Traits

They are one hundred percent sincere, beating around the bush does not go with them and it is very difficult for them to resort to lies. Besides, they are super loyal and, if they have to defend you, they will do it to the death. They are extremely smart, funny, and although they may seem very tough from the outside, deep down they are very delicate and vulnerable. They are usually always smiling and spread their good vibes wherever they go. In addition, they are the perfect support when you have a problem because they always pull the car.

Negative Aries Traits

They are very impulsive and sometimes behave like children. They love to play with fire and sometimes take more risks than they should. That frenetic pace to which they are accustomed makes them very impatient, so don’t expect them to be patient with you if you slow them down. On the other hand, they tend to put too many loads on their shoulders, because they have a great sense of responsibility. His big flaw? They may be somewhat selfish in their eagerness to be the center of attention, although they know how to rectify and ask for forgiveness when necessary.

How are the Aries in love

they feel attracted to people with character and self-confident. As restless souls, don’t expect them to sit idly by if they’re interested in you. In the art of conquest, Aries is the king, he gives everything until he gets what he wants, so they always take the initiative. They love without limits and put facts before words: They prefer to express everything with a kiss rather than with a great romantic phrase. As fire signs, they are very passionate, so live everything intensely. Their independence makes them need to have their space but, at the same time, they are not fleeting relationships: they like to commit. Their biggest ‘but’ is that they can be somewhat jealous.

What does it mean to have an Aries rising?

The Ascendant reflects how you present yourself and relate to the outside world. Those with it in Aries can often seem like people. very self-confident, creative and optimistic. They are tireless fighters and very direct, with a strong character. Of course, this constellation infuses them with their dynamism and energy.

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