we are before the most sincere sign of the entire astral panorama. Scorpios are very intense people, who do not like false appearances at all and who, on occasions, they sin of saying things too clearly. They are very protective and loyal, but also somewhat spiteful, so if you hurt them, his revenge can be epic.

we tell you what do the stars have in store for you today, this week and this month. In addition, we analyze how they are, with which signs they are most compatible, what are their most positive qualities and what traits of your personality they are more negative. We also tell you how they behave in love and what it means that you have the ascendant in this sign.

Scorpio daily horoscope

Dear, Today is going to be a special day for you. The stars favor you and you will be successful in anything you want to undertake, be it in the professional or personal field. In fact, the arrival of spring has revolutionized you quite emotionally. You are wanting to smile, to share, to fall in love. And you have the attractiveness raised, especially the staff, so it is possible that you live some very intense story. Of course, You probably have to get out of your comfort zone a bit. or open yourself up to unknown things that may make you dizzy, but that will be good for you. You are a very intelligent person and you will know how to function well in any circumstance.

Daily horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

Scorpio weekly horoscope

With the next eclipse in Scorpio, positive changes are finally comingespecially about yourself. If last week you were a little apathetic and you didn’t feel like fixing yourself, this week you will recover your energy and the desire to do things. So grab your to-do list and start ticking off, catching up is going to give you a lot of ‘power’. The priority this week has to be you: your rest, your exercise, your beauty care, your little moments for yourself… Don’t mind giving up plans with other people because it will do you a lot of good to dedicate time to yourself.

This spirit so joyful and That desire to be beautiful and to be you again will make you very attractive to others. Don’t be surprised if someone compliments you on the street or asks for your phone number in a restaurant. You will have a very sensual energy for others.

Weekly horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

Scorpio monthly horoscope

There come times when words balance and harmony They will mark your life. You may find yourself at a time in your life where you need better reconcile your work and personal life. Lately you have been so focused on your career that perhaps now you feel a little guilty and need to strengthen the emotional connection with your family. Remember that you are a valuable person and that you deserve to take care of yourself and value yourself.


You may suffer some ailment throughout the month. Don’t worry because it won’t be anything serious but try to remedy it and don’t let it go. Health is firstno matter how much you have a mountain of tasks to do.

work and finances

Take some time to assess your priorities and set clear boundaries between your work and life. Talk to your colleagues and pass it on to your bosses, maybe it can come in handy to start marking your needs.


Lately you have been so focused on your responsibilities that you’ve put everything else aside, including your romantic life. Whether or not you have a partner, it is a good time for you to delve into your feelings and start paying more attention to the heart. You can’t be like a robot because it’s not all work, dear friend.

Color: cerulean blue and gold.

Number: 1, 25

Day of the month: 17

Monthly horoscope: these are all the predictions for each zodiac sign

What are Scorpios like?

Scorpio is a water sign, ruled by the planet Pluto and which is in direct opposition to Taurus. They have a very marked personality, so it is easy to recognize them, first of all, for its magnetism. They are very sincere people, who can’t stand falsehood and who have a hard time keeping up appearances, that’s why they don’t mince words and they can be too sincereso they will leave a trail of wounded in their wake thanks to their comments.

They are faithful and loyal, as long as you are with them and if you betray them, you better be careful because they are cold and calculating when it comes to planning their revenge (yes, they are quite spiteful) and they will attack you when you least expect it. They tend to have very clear ideas and are very firm with their decisions so they often get what they set out to do.

With your family and friends they are very protectiveThey love taking care of you. With the rest of the world, a priori, they are quite distrustful. They can get really temperamental and intense and sometimes a bit inflexible. They have one very powerful esoteric facet. They are attracted to everything related to the Universe, be it astronomy or history. It is important that they learn to control your ego and ambition because, otherwise, both can play tricks on them. Of course, if they fall, They have the ability to always get upresurface and rearm themselves again.

Scorpio Compatibilities

Are very calculating and they like to have everything tied up and value things cold, so they don’t get along with those who are too impulsive, so, in general, they will not get along with signs like Aries, Sagittarius or Leo (all fire). Instead, the commitment and empathy of Taurus or Pisceswill conquer them instantly.

Positive Scorpio Traits

If you are part of his circle, is loyal Until the last consequences. They are also very protective and you can be sure that, of course, they will always tell you the truth. They are capable of achieving everything they set their minds to and are able to control their emotions very well. In addition, they have a special magnetism that ends up hooking

Negative Scorpio Traits

They may be very hurtful when they want to, although they will feel tremendously bad about it. Also, if you fail them, they love to plan their revenge. are possessivesomewhat manipulative and very inflexible in discussions. Also, they tend to be quite distrustful and often have quite a high ego.

How are Scorpios in love?

they give everything, Bluntly. Also, as long as they notice someone (they are quite infatuated), they don’t stop until they get their attention: they are born conquerors. Also, as intense as they are, being subtle does not go with them and they will go straight to the subject. They are very passionate and protectivebut also something jealous and possessive. They like to enjoy the moment and do everything possible for the relationship to be consolidated. love to the extreme.

What does it mean to have a Scorpio ascendant?

The Ascendant reflects how you present yourself and relate to the outside world. Those who have it in Scorpio are very intense people but also loyal and honest. They tend to be something distrustful and they can be spiteful and calculating, although they are also very protective with the people they love.


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