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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is again in the midst of sexual assault allegations, years after a former stripper accused him of the same thing in 2014. to litigation.

According to reports, the plaintiff chose to remain anonymous to minimize media attention and public scrutiny. claimed that Jones kissed her without her consent and stuck his tongue in her mouth.

An excerpt from the complaint reads, “Plaintiff has nightmares about what Jerry Jones did to her. She has trouble concentrating and completing her daily tasks at work and at home.” The documents further describe the psychological trauma plaintiffs allegedly experienced after the incident.

“Plaintiff is nervous in front of men and has trouble being alone with men. Plaintiff often cries because of what defendant Jerry Jones did to her and complains that other women have committed such assaults. I don’t want to experience it.”

These cases are often “he said, she said” cases, but complainants are believed to be citing witnesses. , Jason Garrett, and players Ezekiel Elliott, Tyrone Crawford and Tyrone Smith. It is unclear whether any of them agreed to speak on behalf of either side.

Additionally, the woman is suing the NFL itself and the Dallas Cowboys for turning a blind eye to Jones’ “illegal conduct” over the years.

Jane Doe even claims other victims have been “blackmailed” into silence in the past.

In 2014, former stripper Jana Weckerley accused Jones of sexual assault. According to a statement shared by Weckerley’s attorneys at the time, they received no settlement money from either Jones or the Cowboys organization.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was also accused of sexually assaulting a former exotic dancer.

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Dallas Cowboys owner sued for sexual assault –

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