The Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office has opposed releasing former Barça player Dani Alves on provisional release, as his defense requested last week, considering that the risk of the footballer trying to flee to evade justice persists.

According to sources from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the prosecutor in the case has submitted a report to the investigating court number 15 of Barcelona in which she maintains that the circumstances have not changed compared to last January 20, when
Alves entered prison accused of raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub, so the flight risk remains.

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The case continues, and this Friday some statements from a journalist who had access to the videos of the disco and recounted what he saw came to light.

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Last week Alves’ defense asked the judge who is investigating him for the alleged rape to release him provisionally, if necessary on bail, based on an expert report on the images from the nightclub’s security cameras that ensures what exculpate.

In the brief, the lawyers for soccer player Cristóbal Martell and Arnau Xumetra argue that these images would show that the defendant and the victim were flirting before the facts, dancing and drinking together, and that she voluntarily entered the bathroom after Alves did. .

But what is seen in the video? The journalist Nacho Abad, a collaborator of En boca de todos, from Cuatro de España, reported that there are approximately 25 or 26 hours of recordings that the magistrate has on the table and from different angles.

Abad recounts that in the video you first see how “the girls start to dance.” “There are three of them, and at a certain moment a waiter approaches them and invites them to the area where Dani Alves is,” he says. He “talks to them (in a) relaxed atmosphere and without violence.”

The soccer player remains in a Barcelona prison.


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The journalist continues recounting what he saw next: “I observe in those images how Alves touches the girl’s ass.”

“Without your consent?” they ask. “I tell you that it touches his ass and his consent is in his head,” replies Abad.

He adds that the reaction would be to “push him away and say ‘don’t touch my ass’”. “I don’t see that… she touches him and she grabs him by the waist.”

According to Abad, she “He voluntarily goes to the bathroom a few seconds later. Alves comes out first; then one of the friends comes out, and you can see how they shake hands”.

And finally, she says: “They don’t speak and, at a certain moment, the girl goes outside with her friend, they start talking and she is seen crying. The security guards appear, and, after a while, there are several people who are there, Dani Alves and his friend Bruno pass by, and they leave ”.

the case continues

After obtaining the position of the parties, the investigating magistrate must now decide whether to agree to the request of Alves’ defense and release him on provisional release, with the precautionary measures she deems appropriate, a resolution that may be appealed before the Barcelona Court .

Alves presented his request for release after declaring for the second time before the investigating magistrate, this time at his own request, in an appearance on April 17.

The Brazilian soccer player argued before the judge that the sex with the complainant was consensual and that he lied in his first statement to hide his infidelity from his wife. On February 21, the Court of Barcelona already rejected those same arguments adduced by the defense in its appeal -based on the roots and on the images of the security cameras- when it decided to keep the footballer in preventive detention, appreciating a “high ” risk of flight and consider that the indications that accuse him are “severe” and “various”.


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