The Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office has opposed releasing former Barça player Dani Alves on provisional release, as his defense requested last week, considering that the risk of the footballer trying to flee to evade justice persists.

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According to sources from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the prosecutor in the case has submitted a report to the investigating court number 15 of Barcelona in which she maintains that the circumstances have not changed compared to last January 20, when
Alves went to prison accused of raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub, so the risk of flight remains.

New Key Testimonial

The soccer player remains in a Barcelona prison.


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Christopher Martelldefense attorney, looks for any details to cling to to get his client out of jail.

The lawyer has now presented a document of more than 200 pages together with a video of about 12 minutes from the security cameras of the Sutton Disco in Barcelona.

They are statements by the cousin of the alleged victim that could become key testimony for the defense to achieve release.

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It is the first time that the words of one of the main witnesses of history have come to light.

What does it say? “Her cousin does admit that she spoke to her just when Daniel Alves has already gone to the bathroom and, in fact, she assumes that they exchanged views about whether she should go or not, but she affirms that the question was ‘to talk’“, is the story that has been known about the young woman.

“The plaintiff builds a story that needed to weave an explanation of: ‘why does an adult woman voluntarily enter a bathroom with an adult man?’, says the defense.


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