During the first decade of the 2000s, one of the most mediatic couples on TV was that of the cumbia singer, Daniel Agostini and the then model Nazarena Velez. In 2006 they ended their relationship and the rumors did not take long to appear. 17 years later, the singer gave a note to THE Mwhere he talked about his relationship today with the panelist and mother of his son, chyino.

“We are both good parents. Excellent. I do my part and I don’t know what she does, but I do know that she is a good mother because she cares for her son. We are a bit distanced, because she is in her world with Santi (Camaño) who I adore him with all my soul, he is a great guy. I am also aware of Bárbara (Pucheta), that her baby was born, “the singer began by telling.

“It seems great to me. We integrate Thiago (Rodríguez) as part of our family, because he comes to visit us and is close to Santino (Agostini). Imagine! So everything is fine, togetherness and family, “said Daniel.

Regarding the separation, he agreed with his ex that they were very different. “In couples in general there has to be compatibility. If there are different thought formats, that is where it begins to falter”, Agostini assured.

Nazarena Vélez confessed that living with Chyno Agostini, her 22-year-old son, is not easy

Nazarena Velez has three sons. Barbara Velez who is 28 years old and whom he had with Alejandro Pucheta; Gonzalo “Chyno” Agostini who is 22 and the son of Daniel Agostini and thiago rodriguez 10 years old, whose father, Fabian Rodriguez passed away in March 2014.

In an edition of THE Mwhere they were interviewing Amalia Granata and the deputy told how difficult motherhood is for her. Given this, Nazarene confessed “My children have me rotten. The chyno he is rebellious, he does what he wants, he goes away for three days and comes back when he wants. When he came back to live with me, he brought tricks and things that I don’t like in my house “.

“The youngest is 12 and flashes that he is 20, he speaks like someone big,” he assured, about his youngest son. And although she did not live with Gonzalo “Chino”Since he lived with his father and then alone, coexistence is currently something that is complicated by the way in which his 22-year-old son got used to living and the rebellion he handles.

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