Two brave bars died this Sunday and another 14 citizens were injured in a fight after the classic between Independiente de Medellín and Atlético Nacional.

“Unfortunately two citizens lost their lives, who were attacked by sharp weapons and blunt objects”said police colonel Henry Bello, in a video shared with journalists.

According to the police, the deceased were 25 and 34 years old and were fans of Independiente de Medellín, who lost 3-1 to Atlético Nacional on Saturday.

The fight took place in the surroundings of the Atanasio Girardot stadium in
Medellín, where weeks ago there were clashes between Atlético Nacional fans and police.

The mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, first rejected the acts of violence and announced a reward of 200 million for anyone who provides information about what happened. Then he surprised with a strong message.

“Those who participated in the fight are not fans, they are murderers”

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‘No one will be free’

Daniel Quintero Calle, independent candidate for mayor of Medellín

No one will be free. Those who participated in the fight are not fans, they are murderers. It is not the stadium but the jail that awaits them. We have enough evidence, videos and testimonials. The prosecution has delegated a specialized prosecutor. There are 15 judicial police officers and a reward of up to 200 million for information,” Quintero said on his Twitter account.

Senior soccer officials and government officials met on Thursday to discuss tougher sanctions against those who encourage violence in stadiums.

Colombian law only penalizes those involved in incidents at sporting events with economic fines and a ban on entering stadiums for up to four years.

Despite the punishments, on April 18, in Manizales, Once Caldas fans caused incidents in protest of the team’s poor results. And on February 27, an alleged Deportes Tolima fan jumped onto the field of the Ibagué stadium and hit a Millonarios player from behind.

Given the incidents, Dimayor, the governing body of Colombian soccer, asked to reinstall metal fences in the stands of the stadiums, but the measure was discarded.

The meshes were removed in 2011 from all Colombian stadiums for the U-20 World Cup, due to a Fifa requirement that recommends not hindering the movement of fans in an emergency.

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