This week, several images of the dinner shared by the businesswoman and host, Wanda Nara and the former footballer maxi lopez this caught the attention of the media and the followers of both. Although the good relationship between the two is a reality, this has hardly changed from two years ago to this part, but for that reason it was not strange to see them at a grill in the Palermo neighborhood, with the children they had in common, like the family that they were before.

Daniela Christiansson López’s current partner explained that the reason she did not accompany her husband to dinner in Argentina was because her baby has not yet received her first vaccinations. “Here in England the vaccines are given at eight weeks of life to babies, so there are four to go before we can give them the first ones, we have to be careful with that…”he continued.

And then the model told how she spends her days with her baby and her dog, especially now that her partner has traveled. “So we’re here at home, we’re going to walk a lot with Kika, we don’t forget her at all because she’s our first baby… And Kika is fine, I think she’s wondering what that little thing is, she still doesn’t quite understand, I think “, hill.

Wanda Nara met Maxi López for dinner at a restaurant in Palermo

the businesswoman Wanda Nara and the former footballer maxi lopez They managed to end their differences to achieve a much more enjoyable relationship. The reason was that the children, fruit of their marriage, Valentine, Constantine and Benedict They could enjoy as peaceful a life as possible.

Although on some occasions they were seen together, on this occasion, both coincided in a restaurant on Wednesday the 26th. On a cell phone from THE M, the cycle led by Angel De Britoshared images of the unexpected meeting between Narra and Lopez. Although the meeting was not something intimate, since she went with her assistant, Lopez He was not alone, but also his children.

It is worth remembering that wanda and maxi They have been separated since 2013, when she began her relationship with the soccer player, Mauro Icardi. The truce occurred in 2021 and they finished signing peace in 2022, when Lopez he took over the alimony debt he had. He did so by giving her the property they had in the gated community of Santa Barbara. She asked him for it and he signed the papers so that she is the sole owner of it.

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