comedian and actress Dani La Chepiwas visiting the program Fernando Dente and as with all the guests, the driver reviews the life and career of the artists under the name of NotiDente. During the talk, fer She asked him a song ago, she is single and without sexual relations, and the humorist with her classic irony assured that she had already lost count, although she later gave an exact number.

“I separated two years ago, since I separated from my last partner. My chakras were misaligned, obviously I like a lot of people, but I don’t dare, I’m in another. I’m about to download a dating application” the guest started saying between laughs.

Then he explained that this is a subject that he talks about with many people around him. “My friend is a therapist and he analyzes me a bit, it is unbearable to have a therapist friend, but he is not impartial with me because he knows me. I go to mine called Diego and there we talk about this issue, he told me that these are moments, for me the sex is overrated” hill.

Dani la Chepi talked about her health

Daniela Viaggiamaribetter known on social media as Dani “la Chepi”often uses their platforms to share funny sketches and comment with his followers on the events of his day to day with a touch of comedy, including the complications or problems that may arise. However, in his last post he decided to bring out his vulnerable side and made an extensive release in which he talked about his health problems.

“’Hopefully I reach 43 with that spine’ (messages from teenagers who follow me). Others: ‘what a disgusting skinny’”, wrote, by way of introduction. And he continued: “This ‘loin’ suffers from anxiety and has a hard time eating well, which is why I have certain inconveniences. We are used to going to social networks and seeing bodies that seem perfect, women who say “accept yourself as you are” and don’t stop using filters, houses that work well, people making the right decisions, “parents present” or perfect families that They seem to have no problems… And you on the other side: How lucky they are! How do they manage to be so happy? sentenced the comedian.

Not everything you see is real. Social networks sometimes frustrate you, they make you feel that you are alone, you are suffering or you have problems. This year I started it like o**te. I made bad decisions. I share the ones I choose to share because some involve people I choose to preserve.”he added, looking to list his mistakes to end the false expectations that posts of instagram.

And he listed: “Por example: I have infected the nipple of my operated breast. Instead of going to the mastologist right away, I only called him when my gynecologist told me: ‘If he continues, go see him.’ Instead of going to a podiatrist when I felt nail pain, I grabbed the pliers. When my dermatologist told me: ‘Don’t touch yourself, go have a professional do it for you’. Now I have nails that make me speak six languages ​​when I touch them. On Friday I have a podiatrist and they will have to anesthetize me because I took a shit” hill.

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