Last week, the comedian Dani La Chepi visited the program Fer Dente, Night al Dente, where in addition to singing and contributing his characteristic humor, he moved everyone by reviewing his life and referring to both his father who died after 9 years in a coma due to a stroke and his daughter.

In the middle of the note -totally moved by the family memories she shared during the interview- the influencer emphasized the importance of the arrival of isabella. “All day I eat her with kisses, that’s all. Isa is 9 years old, she is like a teenager now. I looked for Isa, I wanted to be a mother but Isa found me” began.

“When I got pregnant, because I didn’t know, I thought it was not going to happen and the gynecologist told me that I was going to lose it, she was wrong. At the touch she was the first granddaughter of the family, my parents were waiting for that moment and a week after it My dad found out she was pregnant and she had a stroke, so they couldn’t meet and enjoy themselves” she continued excited.

Then he went on to explain “I did not know that I was pregnant and when it happened he was happy (his father), a week later this happened and I felt that I was dying, Isa came to raise the family. It was like ‘here I come’, he leaves, because despite the fact that he was still there, he was gone, and she came to wake us all up. I believe that without Isa, and I am not ashamed to say it, I would not be here today, neither here nor anywhere.”.

“Isabella is my little engine,” he said

Before finishing, the comedian recounted a conversation she had with the little girl. “She is my motor, of course I am my own motor, but she is that smile that tells me ‘Give it mommy you can,’ she is very happy. Some time ago she asked me what would happen when I am not there, and she wanted Knowing that I was waiting for her to be, I told her to be happy, something that is very difficult for me” assured.

After a little more than a year after the death of his father, in the talk with Fer Dente the artist provided more details of the union between the two. “The song ‘Uno’ was the first tango that I dared to sing for my father, who is no longer here”, She ended her story emotionally.

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