Daniella Álvarez and the Spanish actor Lenard Vadera had a long romantic relationship, however, their love story ended in 2021after they experienced a complicated situation with the health of the former queen and she had to amputate her left leg.

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At that time, the Barranquilla woman had to ask her followers for respect, since they were constantly attacking the Spaniard for having left her after the delicate situation she had to experience.

Now, after a long time, the actor decided to give himself a chance in love again, because in days gone by, Lenard stole all eyes at an event that took place on Thursday, July 13, in the city of Bogotá , by going in the company of a woman, with whom he was seen to be very happy.

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In the images shared by the ‘Lo Sé Todo’ program, they can be seen how they arrived hand in hand at the event and posed before the cameras very much in love.

It is worth mentioning that the family of former Miss Universe is not well known in the world of show business, but in recent years Valeria Vega has become very popular on the internet due to the great resemblance she has with her sister.

A journalist from the program ‘Lo Sé Todo’ questioned the couple about their new relationship and They confirmed that they have been dating for almost two months.

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Valeria Vega also revealed that her entire family already knows Lenard and approves their relationship, because he was “the best.” For his part, the Spaniard is very happy in this new stage in his life and I do not hesitate to give Valeria a tender kiss in front of the cameras.

“We are getting to know each other, she is an incredible girl, I am very happy. A girl hottie and let’s see what happens, ”said Lenard.


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