The Martin Fierro They are getting closer, the list of nominees is already known and that, obviously, brings with it a certain controversy. One of those who raised his voice to share his anger was Dario Barassi.

The ex-driver of 100 Argentines Say, last year’s hit for eltrece, was not nominated for Best Conductor. Despite the fact that the show was chosen in the category of Entertainment-Gameshe clearly expected to receive personal recognition.

Dario Barassi gave the information to Walter Leiva, the mobile of the Show Partners, eltrece program. “I find so many songs funny, nothing happens. Besides, he is nominated 100 Argentines Say. Obviously I expected to be nominated, it’s a reality, I like the work I’m doing, I feel that there is a good reception from people, “the actor began by saying.

Later, he added: “I expected to be nominated as a driver, but I understand and respect, nothing happens,” he said in relation to APTRA and the delivery of Martin Fierro which will be next Wednesday, July 5.

The nominees in the shortlist for Best Male Driving are brito angel, santiago del moro, Guido Kaczka, Ferdinand Coconut Silly and Marley. For his part, Barassi he threw: “All the nominees are all eminences. I’m going to go, I’m dying to go and hold out. The show is nice and to be there that day.”

Finally, true to form, Dario Barassi closed with irony. “If next year they don’t nominate me as the best host of this program (Now I fall), that I am three meters high, love is over”.

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