Mariana Correa or ‘Nana’ París, as she is known on social networks, is the daughter of the renowned model and businesswoman Natalia París. Many of the followers of the Antioquia have stressed that the young woman has a very marked resemblance to her, so they hope to see her very soon on national television screens.

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And it is precisely that Correa is studying acting, so that the plans he has is to continue the legacy that his mother left in the entertainment industry. The influencers22 years old, already makes a name for himself on digital platforms, where he has more than 200 thousand followers who go about their life day by day.

Precisely, in one of his constant interactions with his digital audience, he carried out the traditional dynamic of the question bank on Instagram, where an Internet user asked him if he had operations on his body.

A subject that has been widely discussed in recent months, after the controversial comments of the presenter Carolina Cruz and the decision of some celebrities to remove their breast implants, which were causing health problems.

When asked, Mariana Correa responded: “no, I don’t have operations, I’m all natural”, comment that was republished by the gossip page Rastreando Famosos, where some users left comments about it.

“She is very beautiful, like her mother”; “She can tell that she is naturally very pretty and if she had surgeries too”, “She is beautiful, just like her mother, even if she had surgeries, good for her who wants to look prettier”“With such beautiful genetics for what surgeries” and “It shows that it is natural and looks very beautiful like that”, were some of the interactions.

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‘You have to be humble’

A few days ago, Nana once again drew the attention of her digital community for responding to one of her followers.s “what it meant to her to be the daughter of famous parents”. As he said, the bad thing about having that public recognition is that friendships are not what they seem.

“The bad thing is that people are very interested, when they realize who you are they approach you out of pure interest and not by knowing who you really are. People also judge a lot and believe that I am a capricious person or that I believe myself a lot, but later they realize that it is not so, ”she wrote.

“The good thing is that fame does not trigger my ego because I already know what it is (I do not consider myself famous, but I have seen it up close) for me all people are equal and Above all, humility must prevail, So I feel that when some people don’t know fame and get it, they forget that we’re all on the same level. They forget humility,” he added.

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