A few months after David Beckham announced his alliance with Netflix to launch a documentary about his life and his football career, the first advances arrived.

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The production, which does not yet have a release date, will feature unpublished image files, untold stories and exclusive interviews with people who have been a key player in his arrival at the top. The mythical former English soccer player will also delve into the disease he has suffered for years: OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

In the first images of his documentary, Beckham reveals that while his entire family is sleeping, he takes the opportunity to put the house in order. Neither the candles nor the lights, much less the windows, are saved from their cleaning routine for hours and hours.

That’s my favorite hate, the smoke from inside a candle

“When everyone is in bed I go, clean the candles, turn on the lights to the correct setting, make sure everything is tidy,” says the former Paris Saint-Germain player, according to ‘The Guardian’.

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And adds: “I cut the candle wax, I clean the glass, that’s my favorite hate, the smoke around the inside of a candle. I know, it’s weird.”

One of the things that annoys him the most, according to him, is going down to the kitchen in the morning and having to find dirty cups, crockery and utensils. His commitment to cleaning the house, but especially the kitchen, is such that he believes that his wife, Victoria Beckham, “does not appreciate it so much.”

The former English footballer admits that his cleaning routines are tiring, but he “feels compelled to do it”. According to ‘Daily Mail’, Beckham lives, along with his family, in a luxurious mansion with eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a gym and a spa. Hence, it is not so easy or fast to have everything in order.

David Beckham teamed up with Netflix to release a documentary.


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It was in 2006, in the middle of an interview for ‘ITV’, that Beckham openly confessed that he suffered from OCD. At that time, he spoke of his need to always put everything in a straight line or in pairs.

“Everything has to always be in a straight line or in pairs. I put the Pepsi cans in the fridge and if I think there is one too many, I put it in any cupboard. Everything has to be perfect, ”she revealed at the time.

In July of last year, Netflix reported that the making of the former soccer player’s documentary was in progress. According to ‘Daily Mail’, Beckham signed an agreement of more than 16 million euros with the giant of transmission.

What is OCD, the disorder that David Beckham suffers from?

According to International TOC Base, It is a disorder in which, as the name implies, people get caught up in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions.

Obsessions refer to unwanted and intrusive thoughts, images or impulses that trigger feelings of distress, while compulsions are linked to the behaviors of individuals to try to get rid of the obsession.

Although all people can experience obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors throughout their lives, in the case of people with OCD this occurs repetitively and for long periods of time, it also causes intense distress and interferes with important activities for the subject.

Nail biting can accompany obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD).

OCD obsessions include contamination (fear of coming into contact with substances perceived to be contaminated), sexual, violent, religious, responsibility, identity, and perfectionism (for example, being excessively preoccupied with uniformity or consistency). accuracy or for doing tasks correctly).

On the other hand, among the most common compulsions is washing and cleaning. In general, these people tend to wash their hands excessively, clean household items excessively, and do various activities to prevent or eliminate contact with contaminants.

Perfectionism is often confused with OCD. In all cases, it is always better to see a specialist to evaluate the situation, especially when this type of behavior affects the quality of life.

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