He Tottenham He dismissed his interim coach on Monday Christian Stellini, one day after the win against Newcastle (6-1).

Stellini had succeeded his compatriot at the end of March Anthony Conte, of which it was attached.

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Very strong

The ‘Spurs’ are fifth in the table, six points behind Newcastle and Manchester Unitedwhich mark the qualifying positions for the next Champions League.

That loss was deemed “totally unacceptable” by the Spurs president.Daniel Levi.

“Sunday’s performance against Newcastle was totally unacceptable. It was devastating to watch. We can see many reasons why it happened and although I, the Board, the coaches and the players must all take collective responsibility, ultimately the responsibility is mine,” warned the team.

And he added: “Cristian will leave his current position together with his coaching staff. Cristian intervened at a difficult moment in our season and I want to thank him for the professional way in which he and his coaching staff have behaved during such a difficult time. We wish him well better to him and his staff”.

The team’s new coach, Ryan Mason, is a former Tottenham player and England international, who had to hang up his boots in 2018 at just 26 years old due to a head injury.

Mason had already served as interim coach at the end of the 2020-2021 season after the dismissal of Jose Mourinho.

The Colombian Davinson Sanchez He is not having his best season with the club either.
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