After the controversial fight between two Argentine TV divas, Susana Gimenez and Nacha Guevara, many celebrities and members of the entertainment world came out to give their opinion on the matter. On a mobile to THE Mthe journalist Deborah Plager He mentioned that he would never criticize someone who gives his opinion.

“It seems to me that everyone has the right to express their opinion and choose where they want to live, how they want to live and what to do with their money. People earn it by working and putting in many hours of personal effort,” he began by explaining.

“What Susana does seems perfect to me. She is one of the women who has worked the most in this country, has always paid taxes in Argentina and has the right to express her opinion and live wherever she wants: in Uruguay or Miami, whatever she wants. I would never criticize someone for giving their opinion on what happens in Argentina and choosing where they want to live,” he said. Plager.

On the other hand, the journalist Romina Manguel He assured that “everyone has to do what they want. You have to judge less of the two things. Susana earned her money and she can do what she wants, spend it however she wants. On the other hand, she criticized the government, it’s not like she said ‘Argentines are shit…’ “she explained.

Then he continued: “T went to the government of a management that always criticized her… I also understand a mine like Nacha, who lived in forced exile. It was not a choice about which place she liked best or where she was most comfortable: she left because I couldn’t work here anymore. It seems to me that you have to understand a little the circumstances of each one”.

The least expected war: Nacha Guevara against Susana Giménez

The war between the divas resurfaced a few weeks ago when Nacha Guevara was consulted about the relationship with the TV diva, Susana Gimenez. “I rarely see Susana because she is lost there in the steppes,” the artist began by mentioning.

“Everyone has the right to live where they want. If they made their money legitimately, they can live where they want, give it away, buy ten mink coats, I don’t know, let them do what they want,” he added regarding His decision to live in Uruguay.

Despite assuring that he has no problems with the decision to Suzanne gimenezHe did mention what her attitude bothers him: “I don’t like it when he criticizes Argentina, which has given him so much. She is what she is thanks to Argentina, she is not an international star. So there, I don’t like it.”

Susana Giménez’s response to Nacha Guevera

Although for the moment Susana Gimenez decided to stay away from the media, she did not remain silent either. And she spoke about these sayings with Gustavo Barefoot, América TV correspondent from Uruguay: “Every time he needs a camera, he talks about me. And now, what grabbed this one? ”, She pointed out hers. The Uruguayan also communicated with Carlos Perciavallewho confided to him: “They have an enmity that goes back a long time. They do not fight only for ideological reasons, as some want to present,” the king of the coffee concert said mysteriously.

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