Viviana Canosa he usually goes in depth with the controversies in the editorials that he does in his program, which comes out on CO+. It is known that his departure from A24 was conflictive, and took advantage of his latest statements to make it clear his position regarding the dismissal of Marcela Pagano of the channel of which he was a figure.

He also had some strong words – seasoned with intricate readings–, for Marina Abiusojournalist who resigned from her position as editor of Gender in TN and said goodbye to the channel this Monday.

Viviana Canosa sided with Marcela Pagano and spoke of censorship

About the situation of PaganCanosa expressed: “The channel says that she has a summary of mistreatment, I don’t know that… Beyond that, I believe her when she talks about censorship. Even if it was the person who read the statement They didn’t fire me, I left because of censorship,” he insisted, after recalling that it was his colleague who read the company’s statement on the air.

It seems to me that it is appropriate, since we talk so much about sisterhood, well: let’s talk when a colleague feels that they have not been allowed to speak“, he stated precisely.

América reported that Pagano was terminated due to allegations of workplace violence

The official version of America Group points out that they received several complaints of workplace violence against Pagano. “On March 31, he appeared before the Director of Human Capital of Grupo América a journalistic producer, with 18 years of seniority in the company and filed a complaint for workplace violence against Marcela Pagano. He was accompanied by the three members of the Internal Commission of the Buenos Aires Press Union (SiPreBA), who stated that the situation had been dealt with in a personal meeting,” they explained in the statement.

This is the first page of the Grupo América statement. (Photo: Social Networks)

Marcela Pagano’s statement

the letter of Marcela was in the same vein as the words of vivian, indicating that “after seven months of pressure” he understood that it was “impossible to do journalism with the people who run that signal today.” The truth is that both Pagano and Canosa are struck by the difference with which problems are solved. And they point out, without mincing words in the midst of an electoral climate, that they have a little more patience and support for signal men than women in resolving conflicts. internal.

“I’m aware of Before this happened to me, important figures in journalism also suffered from this censorship. those voices today they are not on the screen America due to their ways of practicing journalismbecoming this modality a custom of the current Management of this station to fire people who, due to their thoughts and opinions, bother and hinder interests“, he stated in his statement.

There is also a hostile and ‘overwhelming’ recurrence against women on that screen, which several of my former and current colleagues can attest to.“, pointed out Pagan.

The first page of Marcela Pagano’s statement

The attack on Marina Abiuso by Viviana Canosa

On Monday, the journalist Marina Abiuso confirmed on her Instagram account that she resigned from her position as gender editor of TN. After 8 years in artearalso forming part of the screen of the thirteenhe said goodbye and thanked him for the “great experience” he is having.

In that same post, he clarified that his departure is to dedicate himself to a new challenge. “I’m still on the radio, I’m still with the podcast, I’m still doing interviews. I’m still writing (as always, as before). And above all I remain proudly a feminist. There we will always meet“, he wrote with a bittersweet feeling between his fingers.

Marina Abiuso’s post after her departure from Artear. (Photo: Capture)

Of course, at election time and with social networks as the ideal ground to speak without knowing, the decisions of others end up being used in favor of the discourses that each one defends.

Viviana Canosa accused Abiuso of being “thought police”” –an inaccurate sentence for the role she played– and she was arrogant with her words when stating that she had been separated: “She, at least one, has already finished.”

As if it were little, he insisted on “the green jobs”in reference to the fight for the legalization of abortion carried out by Argentine feminists. Fallacies were also the order of the day in his controversial editoriall: He assured again that, as gender editor of the signal, Abiuso had forbidden to talk about the crime of Lucio Dupuy.

Nothing further from reality. You only need to google to find the coverage that TN made the case. Also, it is not true that she was kicked out: Marina resigned, and his testimony coincides both with the word of artear as with that of his colleagues.

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