The love story between Delfina Gerez Bosco (37) and martin coggi (39) was born in full recordings of the famous hotel, the couple consolidated and they tell the media some things they have in common… although they are not entirely romantic. Both acknowledged being extremely jealous, although on each side they experience it in a different way.

“I was not jealous and now I am. Healthy, obvious, ”said the boxer in an interview that he gave with his girlfriend to American Breakfast on América TV. In it, he acknowledged that although he has been in the media for a long time, “it was otherwise because he gave himself up for sports. This seems all new to me. And there are situations where there is groping from people who ask you for a photo, whatever happens in this new world that I am discovering”.

delfina gerez bosco and martin coggi
The couple met on the reality show and from that moment they became inseparable.

“I see a lot of hugs, waist touching… we still talk about it. It’s not that we discussed it, but we talked about it and she gave me the confidence to do it. Something that did not happen to me with other couples, “he said before the watchful eye of Pamela David.

For his part, Geréz Bosco confessed to being in the same tune and living it in a relaxed way: “As the years go by I became more and more transparent. I am affectionate, for me this touching is normal ”.

“I am also jealous and I tell him so. It’s really ugly to be jealous. When we met working, knowing that there was something between us, someone was sent. At one point…”, she closed on it.

Enzo Aguilar began to cry when he talked about Delfina Gerez Bosco

“It’s very difficult. I hate being overwhelmed. I hate myself, I hate myself. I don’t know what’s going through my head right now because what I found in Delphi he was the closest thing to a person from the people”, commented Enzo Aguilar with a tune that denoted the emotion he was feeling at that moment.

At that instant, the production of the reality show of The thirteen He edited the video mixing images from the moment of the nomination with a private chat with the participants. The cameras pointed at the young man from Tucuman who became famous recently thanks to the content he uploads on TikTok. In that social network originating from China was always in charge of carrying out sketches and humorous content.

“I told Delfi a few days after arriving here that I knew her from another place and that it couldn’t be that I knew her and that we liked her so well”, declared Enzo Aguilar about the beautiful relationship he has with the woman he decided to nominate along with mimi alvarado.

For his part, Delfina Gerez Bosco commented without reaching tears, but visibly affected by the situation: “Enzo He gets excited and I get very excited too. I get very excited because when we entered the reality show no one imagined all this that happened. I would be the same as you, I understand it and nothing happens“.

Finally, the dancer and participant of The Hotel of the Famous closed by saying: “It gives him something and Mimi too. She is like a very emotional ‘everyone against everyone’“.

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