The actress Denise Dumas and the comedian Martin Campilongo they were visiting THE M, talking about the premiere of the new series El amor después del amor, but they also touched on several personal topics. In one of the questions, the driver brito angel He asked if there was any reason why they were arguing and they both agreed to answer.

What is it that makes them argue?” consulted Angel. “Lack of punctuality bothers me a lot. I had been waiting a while to come here, but I said ‘well, they’re friends, let it be fixed’ and we’re close.” answered first Campy between laughs, while dumas She explained that the comedian is very anxious and she likes adrenaline.

When the turn came dumas told what bothers her about her partner, she assured “Well, exactly the same as him but in reverse” he assured between laughs. “That annoys me, it’s very fast. It’s good that we have speed (in life) we leave the house and it’s yelling ‘come on, you brought this, you brought the other’ is anxious” closed the model.

Denise Dumas broke down live when she heard a song by Abel Pintos

Al Dente Night became one of the most watched programs of America TV. with driving Fernando Dente, many celebrities were encouraged to open their hearts and tell, with “The album of your life” the different most emotional or important stages they went through. One of the guests was Denise Dumaswho upon hearing a song by Abel Pintos she couldn’t hold back the tears.

Hungry Heart”interpreted by pintos and India Martinez It was the cause of the actress’s tears, and she did not hesitate to explain the reasons. “It has to do with my moment now, with motherhood. I drive a lot taking and bringing the boys, at the time Santi played soccer every day in Vélez until late. And you don’t know what Abel accompanied me. Me and the boys”he explained.

And after apologizing for crying over something beautiful, he added: “Motherhood is the most beautiful thing that could happen to me in life. So it’s that moment of mine to share with the boys. I listen to Tini (Stoessel), to Emilia (Mernes) for them and they listen to Abel for me and they learned to love him, because I love him.”.

He also confided another significant detail. Being one of the songs that he has listened to so much together with his children, santino He chose precisely that theme to receive his primary school diploma, which makes it even more special.

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