Denise Dumas put aside, for a while, the humor and the big smile that characterizes her to remember her sister janine who died as a teenager. This tragic event marked the life of the model and, although many years have passed, she still feels the loss of her.

I went through the death of a sister, who died at the age of 16. I was 11. My dad and my mom complemented each other. They both did everything to make us happy. I, despite that enormous pain, was very happy as a girl.” Denise confessed in tears.

Then he remembered the close relationship he had with janine: “I slept with my sister, I went to school with my sister, I sat on the bus with my sister. I owe it to mom and dad to have been happy despite that. Now I try to make the house the same.”

Denise’s sister died when she was 11 years old.

When Denise Dumas was very young at the time this fatal incident occurred, her parents wanted her to heal this pain and shortly after they enrolled her in the Argentine Equestrian Center to practice horse riding. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE The well-known television host spoke about this activity that helped her cope with her sister’s grief, “I loved horses as a child. She always wanted to do horseback riding. When my sister died I was 11 years old, I was very distraught and mom and dad gave me a horse called ‘Anonymous’: he saved me from everything“.

Denise Dumas for an exclusive production with PEOPLE magazine

Denise Dumas remembered her dad

“Dad listened to a lot of Brazilian music. He loved Brazil. We used to go on vacation to Brazil. He was an economist. when i came back from work Brazilian music was put on, a whiskey was served, he made a picadita and we played cardsbegan by remembering in dialogue with Fer Dente.

Denise and her dad, Marcos

She then described her dad with tears in her eyes: “He was very loving, very smiling. It was like nothing ever happened to him. And when something was wrong, I was very good with him because I didn’t like to talk about things that were wrong either. we accompanied each other”.

“I miss him a lot. I would have loved to have met the guys and Martin. He was a great guy. When she died I was 24 and he was 56,” she said through tears.

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