With double of Kevin Viveros and Kevin Velasco scoring, Deportivo Cali conceded its second victory in a row. Jorge Luis Pinto’s team had just beaten Unión Magdalena (2-1) and now defeated Alianza Petrolera 0-3 and reached 15 points in the Betplay I-2023 League.

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After suffering so many dates in the basement of the table, now he gets into the conversation for entering at eight, when there are only five days left to know the qualifiers. The Verdiblanco team was 3 units behind Atlético Nacional, which is eighth in the table.

Cali wake up

The cast from Cali came out ready to take the points from Barrancabermeja. From the initial whistle he showed his most aggressive version in attack and quickly began to put José Luis Chunga in trouble. In five minutes he had already demanded twice from the aurinegro goalkeeper.

With an advanced block, high pressure and flank play, Deportivo Cali gave Alianza Petrolera more than one headache just starting the game. Fabry Castro tried it from medium distance and Kevin Velasco had it almost under the arc, after a ball that landed from the right.

The zero was broken after an error by Luciano Ospina, who interposed his hand after a free kick from Velasco, which Kevin Viveros connected with a pirouette. Referee Jhon Ospina did not hesitate to sanction the penalty. The person in charge of making it 0-1 was Velasco, who defined the center as powerful.

Five minutes had not elapsed and the sugar bowl was already celebrating his second goal. Velasco’s free kick that Chunga tried to reject but ended up leaving it in the hands of Kevin Viveros, who took advantage of the rebound and sent it to the bottom. Cold water for the oil tankers, leaders of the League along with Águilas and Millonarios.

For the second half, coach Hubert Bodhert kicked off the backboard and sent four men onto the court. Such a result was not in his plans and he was willing to risk it. However, the offensive posture left him in a bad position in defense and in a quick action by Viveros, who got rid of a defender and the goalkeeper, made it 0-3. He finished off crossed to the far post.

With this result, the sugar bowl not only approached the group of eight but also made a light in the relegation table. Now, they appear ahead of Huila, Union, Once Caldas and Alianza itself.


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