More than 200 guests were part of the first party +PEOPLE in which Pride Month was celebrated. That is why brito angelDyhzy and Gabo Usandivaras They decided to tell their most intimate experiences on this subject.

Ángel de Brito and what would he say to his past self

brito angel talked with PEOPLE magazine and said: “I would not say anything to myself. I did everything very well because I was always proud of who I am. I did it at a time when everything was not so explicit and easy. Luckily the LGBT+ community was able to move forward with a lot of struggle and a lot of people who died for the cause to have the rights that we have”. In closing, he added: “It’s great to fight for one’s own and the collective struggle.”

Dyhzy told what those who want to “come out of the closet” would tell him

dyhzy He gave a message to those who wish to “come out of the closet”: “I would tell them to hold on. The important thing is that they feel safe when they want to say it. That is what matters most. There are people who throw them out of the house who are not in safe work, study or family environments”.

“I think the best thing they can do is wait until they feel comfortable. This may mean waiting to grow up and move house,” he added. He then revealed what his “coming out” was like: “I was very scared and luckily they hugged me, but it’s not the reality of everyone.”

Gabo Usandivaras revealed what “coming out of the closet” means

Gabo Usandivaras revealed what it means to come out of the closet according to his beliefs: “Assuming the freedom of an internal essence. I believe that many fantasies and dreams are lived within the rooms of each child. Perhaps we do not dare to cross that closet, but once we do freedom, identity and love appear”.

Regarding what someone who still does not dare to “come out of the closet” would say to him, he recommended: “I would tell him that everything they told him to keep him from cheering up is a lie. On the other side there are a lot of little people and a whole community that we are going to receive with hugs.”

Transparent, never invisible

The production of the capsules for the second season of +GENTE were carried out with the support of Absolut, a brand that has been working on diversity for more than 40 years with the intention of building a world free of labels.

Smartwater It was the official water of the +GENTE party and with its “Hydration that goes beyond” campaign, it accompanied the guests with their 591 ml bottles of water so that they are hydrated throughout the night.

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