Almost three months have passed since the break between the trap singer rusherking and the actress Eugenia “La China” Suárez, and after this fact, Eugenia assured that she is focused on her musical career. The singer was happy about her new contract with a record company and this weekend she premiered unanniversaryher new theme, where she included a hint for her ex-boyfriend, according to fans.

“This song is dedicated to all the anniversaries that could not be. Sometimes it is not a person who breaks your heart, but the frustration of something that could not be”, China explained. The video premiered on Thursday and managed to rack up more than a million views on Youtube. Since its premiere, fans of both have pointed out that the single could be a hint at what their courtship with Rusher was, which lasted more than a year and ended for reasons that are still unknown.

The lyrics of the ballad reflect the statements that the singer made more than once in public, assuring that she dreamed of a future with her ex. “That a relationship she bet everything on doesn’t work out is cruel. Having to let go of the person you wanted to grow old with is sad,” she confessed when announcing her separation.

Although Rusherking is not in the lyrics, but in the images: China Suárez comes to the shore with a bouquet of dead sunflowers, plucks them, and then throws them into the water. These flowers are the same that appear in perfect and hypnotizedthe two videos they recorded together.

China Suárez responded about her sentimental state and pointed to the prejudices she suffers: “My children do not need a stepfather”

Eugenia Suarez (31) opened the question box on his Instagram account and he was encouraged to answer 10 queries from his followersabout his projects and his private life. talked about everything: his present, his professional plans, the disappointments he experienced and even his favorite song of the moment (spoiler alert: it is Unforgettable of Ovy On The Drums and Beele).

Of course, regardless of the questions that came to her, she chose which ones to answer, so He took advantage of that same medium to plant his position regarding various issues that had been discussed in recent times.

Someone asked him where he found peace, after so much media search: “I live and sleep in peace,” said the actress. At the same time, he stressed that he does not have a boyfriend.

“Why is it that the media can’t see a woman alone and happy, enjoying life and doing what she wants?” wrote one of her followers. AND the China was categorical in her answer: “It’s not the media in general. It’s the people, what they taught us. A man is always applauded, a woman is pointed out and punished. Always“.

China Suárez: her projects, open relationships and her position on marriage

He also took the opportunity to slide the professional news he faces: “I’m filming a movie and in July I start with the videos of the little songs. And more music, music, music“, advancement.

In addition, Eugenia pointed out that He doesn’t think he’s going to get married one day. About open relationships, he said that she respects everything, although he thinks she couldn’t: “When I fall in love, I lose my mind for that person and there is no one else.”

His lethal response to prejudice: “My children do not need a stepfather”

Of course, his followers also asked -and gave their opinion- about their children. “Would you introduce a new boyfriend to your children?” “I don’t know why they have this fantasy that the children know each man from the women. If I introduced them at some point, it was because I felt it that way, and because I thought it was an important link.“, he founded.

Another, as a compliment, left him in his mailbox: “I take care of your children.” And she ran him out clarifying that their children have their respective parents who occupy the role that corresponds to them. “They don’t need a stepfather. That’s another prejudice. ‘Oh no, I got out of there, you’re not going to take care of 3 children,'” the former said a little indignantly. Almost angelswho yesterday shared videos of Benjamin Vicuna and Nico Cabré with their children to celebrate them in the Father’s day.

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