Benjamin Vicuna released his debut Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly, the book with which he chose to honor his daughter, who died on September 8, 2012 in Chile, after being hospitalized for a week after contracting a bacterium. She was 6 years old and her cause of death was a hemorrhagic pneumonia.

The writing, which includes a selection of family photos, poems by different authors, 10 acts written by Vicuña and a prologue by Gabriel Rolontells the story of his eldest daughter, the result of his relationship with pampitaand what it was like to go through this hard road without her.

Benjamín Vicuña and the inner “tsunami” he experienced when he lost Blanca

In its 200 pages, the Chilean actor narrates how were Blanca’s days at the clinic, the shock that both her marriage and the whole family experienced after the tragedy, but also precious details about the life of the girl since she was in her mother’s belly. He also describes Pampita with love, respect and admiration and acknowledges how difficult it was to stay together after this “tsunami”.

Blanca, the girl who wanted to flythe book with which Benjamín Vicuña honors his daughter, who died on September 8, 2012 in Chile

ANDThe unpublished text of Pampita in the book by Benjamín Vicuña

At the end of the book, a very special writing appears in which Benjamin vicuna Explain: “I share some intimate and endearing texts that Carolina (Pampita) wrote a few months after our girl’s departure and that she generously gave me”.

The fragment titled Whitebegins by revealing the stormy days that Pampita lived after the death of her daughter: “There is not a day that I do not feel desperate. The tears do not end and neither do the moans of pain. It’s like time has stopped and my body moves but my soul is stuck at the bottom of a blind well“.

In one part of the letter, the host wonders: “My beautiful Blanca, your drawing comes to mind flying with wings and hearts that illuminate. What did you want to say? Did you know that you would leave? How did I not know! I would have kissed you and held you in my arms without letting go, defying even God if necessary.“.

File image: Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña with Blanca.

Regarding the state of mind of pampitashe describes: “I don’t know how I’m going to get out of bed tomorrow, I don’t know how I got out of bed this week, how I talk to people and how I take care of beltran (No. of the R.: who was born on June 8, 2012 and was 3 months old the day Blanca died)“.

The extensive text delves into the pain and devotion of this mother for her deceased daughter, it also refers to the 8th day, the most difficult, in which a new month has passed since Blanquita’s death.

In turn, Pampita also revealed how one of her first visits to the cemetery was with Bautista and Beltrán (Benicio had not yet been born): “I read her name written over and over again: Blanca Vicuña Ardohain. It took me a while to react and start crying, but when I started it was like exploding inside”.

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