Diego Guauque is a journalist recognized for his participation in the program ‘Séptimo Día’who since January of this year was diagnosed with cancer.

The reporter has kept his followers and friends up to date on his state of health through his social networks, where he has told how the process of fighting this disease has been.

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It was by this means that he does four months he broke the news to his followers that he had been diagnosed with a type of cancer known as sarcomadiscovered at the time of reviewing a pain in the abdomen.

Specifically, Guauque was found a leiomyosarcoma, a very rare cancer, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, begins to occur in the smooth tissues of the muscles.

According to experts, this type of tumor has a registered survival of between 50 and 64 percent at 3 and 5 years.respectively.

In addition, among the possible treatments to which a leiomyosarcoma patient is subjected are removal surgery, radiation therapy, drug therapy, and chemotherapy.

The latter is the one he has received since the journalist was diagnosed, who now published a new update on his case on his social networks.

In his latest Instagram post, Guauque revealed that he is about to finish his first cycle of chemotherapy, and explained what awaits him now in his treatment.

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“I am already in my fourth chemotherapy. With this I close this cycle. What comes next? In three weeks I will once again enter the world of scanners and resonances in order to examine myself inside to find out, specifically, how the sarcoma is. In other words, knowing how much it has been weakened or reduced. I hope it’s enough,” she wrote.

In addition, he assured that if the doctors find his tumor in a condition to remove it, that would be the next step, through surgery..

“After that, it is likely that he will go back to surgery. There, the goal of the doctors will be to tear it out of my organs and start to forget about this episode forever, ”he added.

Finally, Guauque publicly thanked the support he has received from his wife, also a journalist Alejandra Rodríguez, in this chapter of his life.: “The photo is courtesy of my wife and unconditional companion.”

“Our miracle”, was the affectionate message that she left in the comments section, in response to her tender credit for the photograph.

These have been the comments left in the publication by some of her fellow journalists, such as Érika Zapata, Laura Hincapié and Alejandra Giraldo, who have closely followed her process..

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“More handsome than ever and of course if you are captured by the eyes of the unconditional love of the woman next to you!!! God bless you”, “It will be like that, mate, this hard episode will soon pass from which only lessons will remain and the great conviction that you are a brave man who can handle everything. And, of course, the enormous thanks to God for all his blessings. I send you a big hug, which I hope to give you personally very soon”, “Diego, you are the most treasured in everything”.


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