The former player of Nacional and the Selection Colombia Diego León Osorio was arrested two weeks ago in Medellín, when he tried to take drugs to Spain.

According to the first information, Osorio arrived at the airport Jose Maria Cordova to board a plane to take him to Madrid, Spain, but the authorities were shocked when they discovered the cargo he was carrying.
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It is not new

Osorio, legend of the Colombian National Team, was detained at the airport on April 9 in Black riversince he intended to carry 1,849 grams of cocaine in his luggage.

The authorities reported that the former left-back was carrying the drug camouflaged in his tennis shoes.

Osorio had already been arrested for something similar, events that occurred in 2002 in Miami, United States; and in 2016, also in Rionegro, Antioquia.

When asked about his belongings, Osorio said that the suitcase belonged to him, they proceeded to search it and found the cocaine, since the passage was not ideal.

The former soccer player was captured at the José María Córdova international airport, in Rionegro, Antioquia.

“We can observe that we found abnormal insoles, which have humidity, viscosity and a characteristic odor of a narcotic substance,” the authorities confirmed.

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