The problems for the former soccer player Colombia National Team Diego León Osorio with justice they do not stop. This Friday another capture for drug trafficking was known, this time at the airport Jose Maria Cordova from Rionegro, Antioquia.

Osorio had 1,849 grams of cocaine in his luggage, but he was required by specialized agents, who searched his suitcase. (Diego Osorio, former player of the Colombian National Team, was arrested for drug trafficking)
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The drug was camouflaged in tennis shoes worn by the ex-player of National, Junior, Medellín and Santa Fe bound for Madrid Spain.

The former left back was arrested in 2002 in a restaurant in Miami, United States, after receiving from an undercover DEA agent a suitcase with 40 kilos of cocaine whose price had been previously negotiated over the phone.

The second time was in Antioquia in 2010, then it had another problem in 2018 in Bogotá and this last one, on April 9.

career of ex-soccer player diego leon osorio


House arrest for Diego Osorio in 2019

In 2019, the Colombian justice system sentenced him to 5 years in house arrest for the crime of drug trafficking.

Osorio was born on July 21, 1970 in Medellín and in the rodo club of that city he showed himself professionalism. He debuted in the Deportivo Independiente Medellin in 1989 and then played for Atlético Nacional from 1991 to 1995. He also went through Santa Fe (1996), Junior de Barranquilla (1997) and returned to Nacional in 1998.

In the Colombian National Team he managed to integrate the youth team that played in the World Cup in the A categorySaudi rage in 1989 and the Olympic Team that was in Barcelona in 1992.

With the senior team, he played the 1991 Copa América, in Chile, and the 1993 Copa América, in Ecuador,In addition to the qualifying round for the 1994 World Cup, although he could not play it due to a knee injury a week before the competition began.

Great player

“Magic, illusionism, spectacle and ‘show’ on just two legs. David Copperfield was able to calmly draw inspiration from him to build the world of his success. With the ball at his feet, left or right, he was a genius who hid rabbits, he took out pigeons, cards appeared and hypnotized rivals thanks to a quality never seen in national football: the tunnel. His devilish dribbling allowed him to get close to the goal as many times as few full-backs in our football”, is how Atlético Nacional describes the player, one of their legends, on their website.

Diego León Osorio with Mauricio ‘Chicho’ Serna and Victor Hugo Aristizabal.


He won the 1991 and 1994 local titles with Nacional, the Inter-American Cup of 1997 and the Merconorte Cup of 1998.

The lesions

The athlete withdrew from the courts due to a right knee injury much earlier than expected. After the 1998 season, he was unable to renew with Nacional and did not want to play for any other team. “It was the soul team at the time,” he said.

Osorio managed to have a restaurant in the United States. He also formed a company called ‘Tres por el Fútbol’ together with former soccer players Victor Aristizabal and Mauricio ‘Chicho’ Serna, who dedicated himself to representing soccer players, sporting events, and managing showball shows in Colombia.
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