In 2011, soccer stadiums in Colombia eradicated the fences that divided the stands from the field. More than 10 years later, Dimayor proposes to implement its readjustment in the scenarios to combat the violence of the barras bravas.

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The leaders of the Dimayor met this Monday morning to study proposals to combat violent people in soccer.

One of the initiatives that had an echo was that of the billboards, proposed by Enrique Camacho, president of Millionaires.

Dimayor announced: “Call on the National Government and local administrations, under the terms of Law 1270 of 2009 and Decree 1717 of 2010, to comply with the mandate of having separation meshes between the stands and the ground of game. Considering the repeated acts of violence that affect the integrity of the people attending the stadium, as well as the impossibility of controlling the incorrect behavior of spectators, despite the sanctions established in our CDU”.

In turn, Camacho specified: “The meshes must be 2.50 high and 25 meters, so the law says. The issue here is that it must be applied, there is no more.”

The metallic meshes were eliminated in 2011 for the Youth World Cup that was hosted in Colombia and by Fifa regulations.

wave of criticism

Dimayor’s announcement generated a wave of reactions. Iván Mejías Álvarez, a retired journalist, attacked Camacho for his proposal.

“Camacho’s” brilliant “idea, Serpa’s second son, to end the violence: return to the tights in the stadiums. What a creative and visionary guy!!”, he wrote.

Congressman Mauricio Parodi He expressed: “The tights are the greatest danger in stadiums, diagnosed for more than 30 years in the Taylor Report. I recommend @Dimayor managers seek advice from @conmebol and/or @FIFAcom before proposing remedies that are worse than the disease” .

Mayor daniel quintero, in the process of negotiating with Nacional for the recent acts of violence in the bar, chose to ask the public about the Dimayor measures. Then, in another trill, he assured that his decision is no to the proposal.

The fans have also expressed their criticism of the leadership:


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