Silvina Luna remains hospitalized in the Italian Hospital since the beginning of the month, when they discovered him an infection due to a powerful bacteria resistant to antibiotics, to the point that to attack it, doctors prescribe between 8 and 10 medications.

They tried again to remove the respirator, but had to back down because has no strength to breathe without mechanical assistancerecounted Ángel De Brito on his Twitter account.

The official updates on her health are brief and reserved, since Silvina’s brother, her only direct relative, decided so. The last medical part was known on Monday: “Currently, she continues on mechanical ventilation, is awake and with stable vital signs. She will remain hospitalized in the Intensive Care service, where additional studies will be carried out and the necessary treatments will be provided,” the statement read.

It turned out that their cultures were negative.which improves his picture from the infectious side: “that’s good news“, confirmed William Capuya (MN 65404).

Stefy Xipolitakis supported Silvina and attacked Aníbal Lotocki

Stefy Xipolitakis He posted a disclaimer on his Instagram regarding the situation he is facing Silvina Luna, hospitalized and fighting for her life after the cosmetic retouching that was done with the supposed plastic surgeon. She also resorted to Hannibal Lotocki for a buttock filler, and suffers the consequences to this day.

According to what he said, he is working abroad and preferred to avoid the media coverage of the conflict: “They were calling me from different media, it is not that I did not want to answer because I believed a thousand or for nothing. It is a delicate subject that obviously falls to me. I wish Silvina a speedy recovery.”, he pointed out.

“The same thing that happens to Silvina can happen to any of us who pass through the hands of that murderer, because we have a bomb in our body. I spent many years doing therapy to talk about it and so that it doesn’t make me worse than what one is already dealing with,” he described with regret.

Some time ago, she explained what she feels: “The chronic disease that we all have is called Asia, you have pain all the time. I look at myself in music videos and I see myself sitting with my legs open, because if I cross them my buttocks area hurts a lot”.

Part of this emotional healing was channeled through music, in addition to choosing not to get hooked on some songs: “It is a way of taking care of my psyche, continue with my music, with my beautiful moments where my energy flows”.

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