Dolores Fonzi presented this weekend at the BAFICI International Competition her first feature film as a film director entitled blonde. In her debut in room number 1 of the Gaumont cinema, the actress was accompanied by her closest group of friends and family, such as her brother Thomas FonziHis couple, Santiago Mitre, and her colleagues Julieta Cardinali, Carla PetersonLeonora Balcarce and Joaquin Furriel.

The work created by Dolores Fonzi is a comedy that revolves around a peculiar Blondi and Mirko family. “They love living together, they listen to the same music, they watch the same movies, they like to smoke joints, go to concerts, have the same friends, everything is perfect between them… but, even though they look almost the same age, Blondi is the mom from Mirko”, describes the information of the movie.

Dolores Fonzi with Santiago Mitre.

In dialogue with Variety, Dolores Fonzi told some details about her film: Blondi shows a support network in the sense that my character was a mother at 15, a teenage mother, but she had the support of her mother and sister and together they raised the child. As family ties stop being vertical to become horizontal, the bond becomes more important than the role that each one has..

Carla Peterson and Martín Lousteau accompanied Dolores Fonzi in the presentation of Blondi.

The film is starred by Dolores Fonzi herself and great Argentine film and television stars who trusted their friend’s new job role. Among them, Carla Peterson, Rita Cortese, Toto Rovito and Leonardo Sbaragliawho attended the presentation as a true fan with caps in which you could read “Blondi” in very large letters.

The next projections at very low cost and with wide media attendance will be given this Monday, April 24 at 9:15 p.m. at the San Martín Cultural Center and on Wednesday, April 26 at 4:50 p.m. at the Alliance Française.

Tomás Fonzi was present at his sister’s debut as a director.
Joaquín Furriel and Mex Urtizberea at the premiere of Blondi. .
Presentation of the film Blondi at the Gaumont cinema.
Tomás Rovito, Carla Peterson and Dolores Fonzi at the Blondi presentation.
Dolores Fonzi with Leonora Balcarce and Julieta Cardinali at the screening of Blondi at BAFICI.

Photos: AFS Agency.

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