There are Latin American television phenomena that will always be remembered, as they marked an era in Spanish-speaking television that every person who lived through it will remember with great affection.

Without a doubt, ‘El Chavo del 8’ was one of these phenomena that was so important for the small screen in his time, Well, their characters and the events that occurred in the program made more than one viewer laugh.

El ‘Chavo del ocho’ one of the most recognized Latin American series worldwide.

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Since 1971, this comic series has entertained and educated different generations, from children to adults. To this day, several people of different ages can still be seen to be hooked on this program, since Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the creator of this product, designed this title to be consumed for a lifetime.

This comedy is so recognized and famous that there are people who come to make illustrations of its most recognized characters.through the latest technological advance, artificial intelligence.

For what has been said, a case was revealed in which a fan of ‘El Chavo del 8’ ordered an Artificial Intelligence to recreate images of ‘Mr Ramon’ in some of the most famous Hollywood movies.

Ramón Valdés (Don Ramón), one of the most beloved characters of ‘Chavo del Ocho’.


Televisa / Twitter: @CarmenValdesJul

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The author of these illustrations used the Discord tool ‘MidJourney’ to showcase this legendary character in those settings.

The result was quite striking. since the face of the late Mexican actor was seen again in several characters that he never interpreted, among them are:


‘Don Ramón’ playing the famous superhero Superman.


Artificial Intelligence: MIdJourney

Crew member of the famous movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

‘Don Ramón’ in one of the most critically acclaimed films.


Artificial Intelligence: MIdJourney.

Member of the fellowship of the ring in ‘Lord of the Rings’.

‘Don Ramón’ being part of one of the sagas most liked by the public ‘The Lord of the Rings’


Artificial Intelligence: MIdJourney

Agent 007

The Mexican actor playing the heartthrob of James Bond.


Artificial Intelligence: Midjourney

A warrior in the world of ‘Mad Max’

The Mexican Actor in the world of ‘Mad Max’.


Artificial Intelligence: Midjourney.

A firefighter

‘Don Ramón’ playing a firefighter, thanks to an AI.


Artificial Intelligence: Midjourney

And finally, playing one of the most famous characters in the Breaking Bad television series.

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The Mexican perfectly interpreting one of the most hated villains of the series.


Artificial Intelligence: Midjourney

Thanks to these photographs taken by an intelligent it can be said that the legacy of ‘Don Ramón’ and ‘El chavo del ocho’ is for lifebecause all the good moments that people lived thanks to this Mexican actor and many more were impregnated in the memories.


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