Coca-Cola is the most popular fizzy drink in the world. Only in the year 2022, the company received $42.343 million dollars in profits.

Its unique flavor has made millions of people around the world continue to choose it to cool off and accompany their meals. However, there are three countries in the world that do not have this drink and they have had to do their own thing to get their version out.

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‘Ryongjin Cola’ in North Korea

Because of ideological issuespolitical disputes and the centralized economy of the country CocaCola has never made it to North Korea.

That’s why he created his version of this drink called ‘Ryongjin Tail‘. This product is manufactured with inputs that are imported from China, one of its great commercial allies.

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In 1959, Coca-Cola ceased to be marketed in this country due to the possession of Fidel Castro as president. However, before the Cuban revolution began, this drink was produced and marketed on the island, but given the nationalization of private companies, the CocaCola company withdrew from the place.

This is how Cuba creates its own version that has the name: ‘You Kola’. Now, according to the BBC, hehe soft drink Coca Cola circulates in the country unofficiallyl and possibly imported from third countries.

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In the Soviet Union, the American soft drink was not marketed, it was after the fall in 1991 that Coca-Cola arrived in this country.

Although with the military operation that Russia is carrying out on Ukraine since February 2022, the CocaCola company decided to withdraw its operations. However, the bottling company that continues in Russia is creating its version called ‘Dobry Tail’.

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