This June 28, GENTE celebrated a new International Pride Day to honor diversity and mark a new milestone in the history of this medium, by holding its first Rainbow Carpet where all the leaders of the community posed and dazzled with their outfits. In addition, it was the ideal occasion for reunions and new friendships. Among the most unexpected crossings of the evening, dyhzy and Juliet Poggio They surprised with spectacular chemistry.

More than 200 exclusive guests enjoyed a night with performance shows, DJs and dancing at Artlab, the innovative space in the heart of the Chacarita neighborhood of Buenos Aires that became the official venue for a celebration with a unique dresscode: More is more.

In this celebration of International Pride Day, the son of Alberto Fernández met the ex-sister and they “hit a good vibe” instantly.

Dyhzy and Julieta Poggio’s “movie” meeting. Photo: Chris Beliera

Another of the most surprising crossings of the night was that of Augustine Barletta known in their networks as “A Trans Dad” next to Valentina Godfred and Sofia Elliot, who became moms recently. With a warm hug in between, the “daddies” talked about raising their children and celebrated that their growth can take place “in total freedom.”

Sofia Elliot, Agustin Barletta and Valentina Godfrif. Photo: Fabian Uset

One of the “intellectual” meetings of the night had to do with the journalist and host of C5N Diana Zurco together with the journalist and activist Franco Torchia. Both are considered two of the main LGBTIQ+ references in the media.

Payuca Del Pueblo, Diana Zurco, Franco Torchia and La Barby. Photo: Fabian Uset

The fun La Barby, with her super sporty look, dared to question the clothing of fashion critic Fabián Medina Flores, who dazzled with a huge black cape. Both laughed at the situation and recorded content for their social networks.

La Barby, Fabián Medina Flores, Alexia and Puli De María. Photo: Fabian Uset

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