Computers can collect junk files and registry errors that slow them down over time, but tune-up apps can repair your computer and improve its speed. To get your PC running like new again, I tried out various tune-up software to find the best choices.

After testing many options, I’ve picked the top tune-up and repair apps to make your computer run like new again. Each app repairs registry issues, removes junk files, fixes vulnerabilities, and makes other repairs to improve system performance.

While all the tune-up software on this list should provide effective results, I found iolo to be the best at computer repair. It has several tools to find and resolve the issues slowing down your computer and virus scans that detect 100% of malware. Plus, you can try iolo completely risk-free thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  1. Install a tune-up program. Install an effective tune-up app to find issues in your system. I suggest you get iolo to repair your system because of its effective repair and optimization tools.
  2. Run repair scans to resolve issues. Select all available scans, such as vulnerability, repair, and optimization, to find and fix all issues on your computer.
  3. Conduct a virus scan to check for malware. Do a full malware scan of your PC to find leftover cyber threats or viruses that may slow down performance.

Repair your computer with iolo

Step 1: Install an Effective Repair Software

The first step is to install a reliable tune-up and repair app on your system. I picked iolo in this guide because it offers multiple tune-up utilities and a 100% malware detection rate via scans. You can try iolo risk-free by navigating to its website and clicking the Download Your Free Trial button to get started.

Screenshot showing how to download iolo's free trial from its website

Run the downloaded setup and click on Install to start installing iolo onto your system. It’s a simple and intuitive setup that doesn’t need much user input.

Screenshot showing the beginning of iolo's installation

Wait for the setup to complete. Once installing iolo, you can begin repairing issues in your system.

Screenshot showing iolo's installation in progress

Step 2: Run the Repair Scans to Find and Resolve Issues in Your System

To start repairs, run the scan in iolo’s Performance menu to scan critical areas of your system. This scan detects any critical vulnerabilities and issues that you quickly need to resolve.

Screenshot showing how to scan your system for vulnerabilities and repairs using iolo

Click on the Fix Issues button after the scan is complete, and iolo will remove vulnerabilities and fix other issues on your system.

Screenshot showing how to resolve detected vulnerabilities using iolo

You should also run iolo’s Deepclean after the Performance scan for a more thorough analysis of your system. Click on the drop-down menu in iolo’s Performance tab and select Deepclean to access this scan.

Screenshot showing how to access iolo's Deepclean scan

In the Deepclean menu, click Start Clean, and iolo will scan your network, registry, temporary files, programs, memory, and various other parts of your system.

Screenshot showing how to start iolo's Deepclean scan

You should note that Deepclean is a thorough scan that attempts to find every performance issue and vulnerability on your system. So, it can take some time for the whole scan to finish.

Step 3: Run a Full Virus Scan to Check for Malware

The last step in fully repairing your system is doing a full virus scan to look for malware that might be decreasing your computer’s performance. iolo is great for this as it offers an effective Full System Scan with a detection rate of 100%. To access its scans, click the AntiVirus menu on the left-hand side.

Screenshot showing how to access iolo's virus scans

In the AntiVirus menu, click on the drop-down menu of virus scans, select Full System Scan, and click on Run Scan. This will thoroughly scan your whole system to find any leftover malware.

Screenshot showing how to access iolo's virus scans

Wait for the Full System Scan to complete, quarantine/remove any threats it detects, and that’s it. Following these steps should fully repair your system and improve its performance by a noticeable amount if you were previously experiencing slowdowns.

1. iolo — Best Overall Tool for Computer Repair and Tuning

Key Features:

  • Deepclean finds and resolves all the issues slowing down your system.
  • Startup Optimizer helps your system boot faster.
  • Process Scanner lets you find background tasks taking unnecessary resources.
  • 100% malware detection via virus scans.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

iolo is the best overall computer repair software available. It has multiple scan types to find and repair various issues ranging from registry problems to junk files taking up unnecessary space. Also, iolo provides effective virus scans and real-time security to protect you against all kinds of cyber threats.

In my tests, iolo found multiple issues that were slowing down my system, like registry issues and junk files. Its Performance scan is fast and highlights most problems within minutes. Plus, iolo offers a thorough Deepclean scan that inspects your RAM, network, security status, and more.

Screenshot showing the areas iolo's Deepclean feature scans on your computer

iolo’s Deepclean scan is a great way to do an in-depth cleaning of your system

The app also includes effective virus scans to eliminate cyber threats from your computer. iolo has Quick, Full, and Custom scans, all of which detect 100% of malware. You’ll also get reliable real-time security to safeguard your system against zero-day threats.

Besides the above features, iolo provides a Toolbox with various tools to improve security and device performance. The Toolbox includes the following features:

  • Startup Optimizer — helps your system boot faster by disabling unnecessary apps at startup.
  • Process Scanner — checks active processes to see which ones are excessively consuming resources.
  • Drive Scrubber — securely and permanently deletes data from a drive so it’s no longer accessible.
  • Advanced Uninstaller — removes annoying apps and programs that won’t uninstall through usual methods.

Screenshot showing the various optimization, repair, and security tools in iolo's Toolbox

iolo’s Toolbox has many utilities to help you get the best performance out of your system.

I found iolo’s Startup Optimizer helpful as it noticeably improved my boot time when I used it to disable unnecessary apps at startup. It also has a community choice column where you can see people’s votes about whether you should disable certain apps at startup.

You can subscribe to iolo for as low as $49.95 a year. It offers multiple plans you can choose from, including the following:

  • Malware Killer — the basic plan with iolo’s on-demand malware detection and removal features.
  • System Shield — includes iolo’s complete antivirus, including real-time security.
  • System Mechanic — provides iolo’s network protection, optimization tools, and security updates.
  • System Mechanic Pro — has all of System Mechanic’s features and adds iolo’s System Shield, Search and Recovery, and DriveScrubber features.
  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defense — includes iolo’s complete suite of repair tools, optimization tools, antivirus, and password manager.

iolo’s plans are all well-priced, but I suggest getting System Mechanic Ultimate Defense if you want the best value. Best of all, you can try iolo completely risk-free because it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get your refund by asking for one via email — I had my money back within just 3 days of requesting a refund.

Repair your computer with iolo

2. Bitdefender — Offers Many Features for Effective Computer Repair and Security

Key Features:

  • One-click optimizer finds registry issues, privacy issues, and more.
  • Helps free up space by removing temporary files.
  • Vulnerability scanner finds issues like outdated apps.
  • Detects 100% of malware through its multiple scans.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bitdefender is great for repairing your system while maintaining airtight security. It offers one-click optimization tools and other features to repair problems in your system. Plus, it has a variety of virus scans that effectively detect malware and reliable real-time security to safeguard you against the latest threats.

During my tests, I found that Bitdefender’s OneClick Optimizer quickly finds and repairs most issues. It finds problems in your registry, addresses privacy concerns, and frees up a lot of space by finding temporary files you can delete. You’ll also get a vulnerability scan that highlights problems like network vulnerabilities or outdated apps.

Screenshot showing Bitdefender's OneClick optimizer scan results

Bitdefender’s OneClick Optimizer is an effective tool for PC repair

You’ll also get top-grade protection against malware and cyber threats with Bitdefender. Bitdefender’s scans detect 100% of malware, and its real-time security safeguards you against 99.7% of threats — much better than the 97% industry average.

Bitdefender provides other useful features that help keep your system secure. These include the following:

  • Webcam and Microphone Protection — blocks unauthorized access to your microphone and webcam.
  • Built-in VPN — protects your online activity with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • SafePay — provides a safe environment for online banking and shopping.

Bitdefender is quite affordable, considering its effective repair and security features. Starting at just $19.99/year, its plans include the following:

  • Antivirus Plus — Bitdefender’s basic plan with its core antivirus features for 1 device (Windows only).
  • Internet Security — has the features in Antivirus Plus and adds Bitdefender’s Privacy Firewall and parental controls while protecting up to 3 devices.
  • Total Security — includes Bitdefender’s optimization and repair tools besides Internet Security’s features and protects up to 5 devices (all platforms). Also, this plan includes Bitdefender’s 200MB/day VPN.
  • Premium Security — offers everything in Total Security, protects up to 10 devices, includes Bitdefender’s password manager, and has an unlimited VPN.
  • Ultimate Security — provides Bitdefender’s ID monitoring besides everything in Premium Security.

While Bitdefender’s plans are all well-priced, I suggest you get Total Security because it provides the best value for money. Also, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can try Bitdefender completely risk-free. Claiming a refund is easy and only requires you to send an email. I got my money back within just 5 days of requesting a refund.

Repair your computer with Bitdefender

3. Panda — Provides Reliable Virus Scans and Various Tools for System Repair

Key Features:

  • Frees up space on your drives and defragments them to improve performance.
  • Helps your system boot faster by disabling unnecessary programs at startup.
  • Finds and fixes any issues in your system’s registry.
  • Offers reliable virus scans that detect 99.7% of malware.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Panda effectively repairs issues on your system and provides many other features. Among its biggest highlights is the PC Cleanup menu, which offers multiple tools that you can use to improve system performance. Of course, it also comes with effective virus scans that safeguard your computer against cyber threats.

Screenshot of Panda's PC Cleanup tools

Panda’s PC Cleanup menu has many useful repair and optimization features

Panda delivered noticeable improvements in overall computer performance when I tested its repair tools. Its cleanup scans freed up over 2.5GB of space by removing unnecessary temporary files and fixed various registry issues on my system. Also, Panda’s update manager highlighted the app and OS security updates I should get to patch vulnerabilities.

Besides the above features, other repair and optimization tools you get with Panda include the following:

  • Drive Defragmenter — defragments your hard drive to improve its overall performance.
  • Boot Manager — helps disable unnecessary apps at startup for faster boot times.

I also found Panda’s virus scans highly effective. It offers a Critical Area Scan (Quick Scan), Full Scan, and Custom Scan. Panda’s scans have a malware detection rate of 99.7%, which isn’t as good as top choices like Norton, but is quite solid nonetheless. It also flags fewer false positives than many other antiviruses, meaning its results are more reliable.

Panda offers multiple plans which start at just $23.99/year. These include:

  • Essential — has Panda’s core antivirus, 150MB/day VPN, and WiFi protection.
  • Advanced — includes Panda’s ID protection, parental controls, and all Essential’s features.
  • Complete — provides Panda’s optimization tools, repair tools, and password manager besides the above features.
  • Premium — offers Panda’s priority customer support, unlimited VPN, and all of Complete’s features.

While you get decent value with all plans, I suggest getting Panda’s Complete plan because it includes the necessary features at a great price. Whichever plan you get, you can try Panda completely risk-free thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s easy to claim a refund by filling out a web form, and I had my money back after 8 days of my request.

Repair your computer with Panda

Keep Your OS and Apps up to Date

Keeping your software and operating system updated helps your system run better. Outdated apps and OS versions don’t have the latest optimizations, meaning they can slow down overall system performance. Also, you often get new features with up-to-date software and OSs, so it’s best to install the latest versions your device supports.

Clean Your Drives

Your hard drives get filled with unneeded temporary files, cache files, and cookies as you use them. They are necessary at the time your computer creates them, but over time they take up space and eventually slow down your system’s performance. Cleaning your hard drive to remove unnecessary temporary files can help keep your system running smoothly.

Disable Unnecessary Programs at Startup

Several programs automatically launching at startup is among the main reasons many computers feel slow, especially during the first minutes of use So, one of the easiest ways to make your device feel faster is by disabling unnecessary apps from launching at startup.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

The files in your hard drive can fragment over time, meaning a single file gets scattered across the drive, so it becomes harder for the system to access quickly because it has to go and get every piece. Thankfully, you can defragment your hard drive using Windows’ built-in tool or a top repair app to improve performance.

Important: While defragmenting hard disk drives (HDDs) is a great way to boost their performance, you should never defragment solid-state drives (SSDs). Defragmenting your SSD won’t improve performance and will only use up write cycles, thus reducing its life.

Keep Your System Physically Clean

Many people often don’t realize that dust and debris gathering in your PC can affect its performance. A dirty computer can’t cool itself fast enough, so it will have to reduce its performance so it doesn’t burn. This is called “thermal throttling”. So, ensuring your computer’s case, vents, and fans are clean is very important to maintain its performance.

Use a Top Antivirus

Malware that infects your device can slow it down by consuming resources in the background. So, using an antivirus to secure your system helps improve its performance. Also, many top antiviruses offer built-in VPNs, meaning you get an additional layer of security while surfing the web.

Registry Cleaner Startup Optimizer Malware Scanner Disk Defragmenter Money-Back Guarantee
iolo 30 days
Bitdefender 30 days
Panda 30 days

Try iolo risk-free for 30 days

I used the following criteria to test and rank the best utilities for repairing computer issues:

  • Repair tools — I picked utilities with repair tools that fix issues in your computer’s registry, storage, and memory.
  • Malware scanners — I prioritized tools with malware scanners to remove cyber threats from your system.
  • Ease of use — I chose tune-up software with intuitive apps that anyone can use.
  • Affordable plans — I suggested utilities with affordable plans that deliver excellent value for money.
  • Money-back guarantee — I only picked tune-up software with money-back guarantees, thus giving you plenty of time to test them risk-free.

Resolve computer errors with iolo

What kind of issues can I repair with a tune-up utility?

Effective tune-up utilities repair various issues, including registry errors and slow system performance. Also, tune-up software helps remove junk files to free up space on your system, updates old software, checks your network for issues, and more.

How do I troubleshoot the issues on my computer?

You can diagnose and troubleshoot issues using a reliable computer repair utility. However, you can also fix issues manually with the following steps:

  • Scan your system — scanning your system using a top antivirus can help find most problems.
  • Check for updates — updating your OS and all your apps to the latest versions will help resolve security vulnerabilities that may be causing issues.
  • Check for hardware issues — turn off your system and check your system’s hardware, including RAM, CPU, SSD, and HDD for damage.
  • Run Windows’ disk checker — Windows’ built-in Disk Checker can help you find issues with your drive. Use it by opening the command prompt as an administrator and typing the “chkdsk” command (without quotes).

Should I back up my information before repairing?

Yes, backing up your information and files is always a good idea, and it’s even more important when you’re fixing problems. Computer repairs can involve changing system files, so you might lose data if a change ever goes wrong. So, it’s worthwhile to have a backup of your information to fall back on if you lose any data during the repair process.

You can safely store your data on encrypted cloud storage with a top security app like Norton. It offers up to 250GB (in the US) of cloud storage, meaning you’ll have plenty of space to back up important files.

What’s the best computer repair software?

You can choose from multiple effective computer repair software, each with various useful features. They let you fix registry issues, resolve performance slowdowns, update old apps, and more.

Of my top choices, I found that iolo is the best app for computer tuning and repair. iolo lets you resolve performance issues, registry problems, network vulnerabilities, and more. Plus, it offers real-time security and effective virus scans for added protection.

Remove computer issues with iolo

In conclusion, your computer will slow down over time regardless of how you use it. However, you can improve its performance and responsiveness with an effective tune-up and repair app. All the apps I’ve highlighted above should provide noticeable performance improvements.

For the best results, I suggest you use iolo. Besides enhancing system performance with its multiple optimization and repair tools, iolo provides airtight security against cyber threats with its virus scans and real-time security. Also, you can try iolo completely risk-free because it’s backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Summary — Best Software in 2023 To Repair Your Computer

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