Edward Christopher SheeranBritish singer-songwriter, shocked the world by warn of the possibility of abandoning his musical career if you lose the plagiarism trial, of your success ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

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On May 1st, during the trial, he not only affirmed the possible retirement but also, he brought his guitar to interpret before the judges the four chords that he is accused of copying.

“I find it really insulting to spend my whole life being a performer and songwriter and have someone put me down.” he said in his statement before the podium, as reported by MailOnline, a UK media outlet.

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Ed Townsendwho was an American composer and co-wrote ‘Let’s Get It On’ With Marvin Gayeone of the fundamental singers of the Motown Sound, in the year 1973.

Townsend’s children are the ones who filed the lawsuit against the British, since according to what they say he has made different mixtures of their interpretations, with similar chords.

The accused artist said that: “If I had done what they accuse me of doing, I’d be quite the idiot to stand on a stage in front of 20,000 people and do that.”, according to MailOnline.

In addition, in April 2022, he was also accused of plagiarism for “Shape of You” but won a legal battle.

It should be noted that if convicted, he must pay a fine of $100 million dollars, more than 450 million Colombian pesos.

Similarly, the singer announced in October last year his tour ‘Mathematics‘, since he is promoting his album ‘=’, however, he avoided including a performance in New York.

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