The drivers Joaquin Pollo Alvarez and Leandro Chino Leunis They are ready to bring a new challenge together to the small screen. The program will be called little correcta new magazine that will be broadcast by The thirteen. From the channel they confessed that it will be a program “with good vibes, humor and information” and they said that the panelists will be María Belén Ludueña, Ronnie Arias and Estefi Berardi, among others yet to be confirmed.

Both journalists gave an interview to, where they talked about their happiness for this new challenge and told some details. “I am immensely happy. It’s been a while since we’ve been dreaming with El Pollo of doing something together. Well, she arrived the day. We are friends. And this is going to unite us much more. On, the team is dream“Lunis said.

El Pollo Álvarez and Chino Leunis talked about the program that they will host together starting in August.  Screenshot.
El Pollo Álvarez and Chino Leunis talked about the program that they will host together starting in August. Screenshot.

For his part, Álvarez added: “I am happy with this new project. Luckily We have been friends with Chino for many years.We already worked together and now we meet again. We are very happy with the team we have. We are going to make a great program, a nice magazine, entertaining, relaxed and with all the information, so that people in their homes can have a nice time. We are happy”.

“We are happy to tell you with the @leandroleunis that very soon together with @mariabelenluduena @ronaldo1ro and @estefaniaberardi, in the afternoons of @eltrecetv a new program is coming with the best waves and information for your afternoons . See you there and endure everything. We will expand, “said El Pollo through his Instagram.

El Pollo Álvarez spoke of the crisis he is going through: “I have the knife between my teeth”

El Pollo Álvarez is going through a television crisis: a few days ago it was learned that ElTrece wanted to raise Nosotros a la Mañana, although in the end there was only a time change. In this sense, the driver was honest about his emotions: “I am with the knife between my teeth.”

It was on the show Just in case (La Once Diez / Radio de la Ciudad) that the journalist spoke about how he sees the future of the cycle and how he intends to reverse the situation that almost left them off the grid. “We are going to make a change because we are going to go half an hour earlier, so we are going to have a more topical audience, we are going to make more current than what we have been doing“.

At the same time, The chicken He defines his program as “the Phoenix bird” and ensures that the team will not be modified: “Panel modifications will not be“. Despite this, Joaquín Álvarez made an analysis of the program: “Us in the morning is not what it was a year ago. I used to dance twenty minutes after two hours, today I don’t dance even ten seconds. At a certain point, I am working with the knife between my teeth. Today I work for the rating, but I don’t have to neglect the program“.

Pollo Álvarez talked about his new television challenge

The chicken He explained that it is quite a challenge to level the rating in this new schedule: “You feel like every day you are playing a final. I don’t know if it’s the healthiest thing in the world to spend a month playing a final every day. We work on television and whoever likes to be in privileged places and on leading channels like El Trece will have demands. Are they driving me crazy? Yes, because every day there is a four-hour post-program meeting and it wasn’t like that before. But we know where we are and I kinda like it”.

Finally, the driver recognized the success he currently has telefe with Big Brother and how this affects the programming of the other channels: “It has been shown that when we do theme against theme everything changes. I have never seen this since I worked on TV“.

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