At the Álvaro Gómez Hurtado Journalism Awards ceremony, held this Thursday at the Bogotá Planetarium, EL TIEMPO was recognized with an award.

The gala began with the testimony of some journalists from different media such as Jairo Pulgarín, Felipe Arias, Paulo Cruz and Andrés Montoya, who emphasized elements such as rigor, verification of information and empathy in the development of the trade. This is a recognition of journalists with a track record and who over the years have forged serious and verifiable work. The award pays tribute to experienced media and reporters who want to do serious and in-depth journalism.

(See the graphic report by Mauricio Moreno: ‘The language of light in the city and its people’)

With the proposal ‘The language of light in the city and its people’, EL TIEMPO photojournalist Mauricio Moreno won the prize in the photography category.

“The spontaneity with which the inhabitants assume the city is a great aesthetic, sociological treasure and also pure history. His capture reflects sensitivity and creativity”, Moreno said about what it was like to gather these images in black and white.

The life and work grand prize of this edition went to the journalist María Lucía Fernández, from Canal Caracol.

In turn, RCN News won in the interview category with the work In the bowels of the problem, carried out by journalists José Manuel Acevedo Medina and Alejandro Callejas.

For its part, in the section for Best News Coverage, the prize went to the work The uncertainty of the metro: between the technical, the whim and the political, produced by the journalist Alexander Marín Correa, from El Espectador.

In the reporting or chronicle category, the prize went to the work El peligroso secreto de Transmilenio, by reporter Stiven Mora Lozano, from the direct witness outlet.

On the other hand, the work entitled Multipurpose Survey of Bogotá: a portrait of the city left behind by the pandemic, by the Fundación Razón Pública, won the Opinion award. This project was carried out by journalists Óscar Murillo Ramírez and Liliana Castañeda Morales.

In the community journalism category, the award went to the work Rodada and recognition of the Western Environmental Axis (Analysis of the four Engativá-Bogotá wetlands), by journalist Daniel Fernando Miranda Rodríguez, from The Class Records.

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In terms of caricature, the award went to the metro in Bogotá, by Edilberto Ardila González, from the newspaper Ámbito Jurídico de Legis SA

This edition also celebrated the 25th anniversary of this award given by the Bogotá Council, with recognition of the legacy of the assassinated journalist and politician Álvaro Gómez Hurtado (1919-1995), who from media such as El Siglo was a staunch defender of press freedom and democracy.


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