The next generation of the family MINI will debut with MINI Cooper Electric. The new edition of the iconic MINI 3 doors it will be geared towards electric and entertaining driving and will be available in two power levels.

Released in 2020, the MINI Cooper SE fully electric experienced an increase of 25.5 percent in its sales during 2022. In this way it became by far the most popular MINI with more than 43 thousand units marketed worldwide during the past year.

In the new MINI family, maximum torque will be available from the start in both the MINI Cooper E, which will have a power of 135 kWas in the MINI Cooper SE, from 160 kW.

In addition, the acceleration will not have the interruptions produced by the gearboxes and the batteries will be installed under the floor of the MINI Cooper Electric, to ensure stability and agility.

In this way, MINI redefines the “go-kart feeling” that gives the brand its identity, constantly perpetuating the urban and entertaining driving that has been successful for more than 60 years.

The battery capacity in the MINI Cooper E will be 40.7 kWh and of 54.2 kWh in the MINI Cooper SE. This will give the new models a range of between 300 and 400 kilometers, significantly extending the autonomy to travel far beyond the city. On the other hand, thanks to a specially designed four-seat cabin, the interior will offer great flexibility and versatility.

Along with the new MINI Countryman to be produced at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig, the all-new MINI Cooper Electric is now ready for the all-electric future of MINI, a brand that will also incorporate into the aceman in its new family of models from 2024.

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