With a love story that lasted fourteen years -the result of which he had his daughter, Miranda Wassington (20)-, it could be said that Eleonora Wexler He has not had great romances since that relationship ended a decade ago. The truth is that the present finds her building her relationships from another place.

“Today, how are you? Alone or accompanied? ”, Was the question she asked him without a filter Mariana Brey to the 49-year-old actress this Wednesday when she visited Show Partners. “Well, we are there for life meeting people. I like face to face”, was the answer he gave.

And Nancy Duré retorted asking him if he wanted to commit. To which, she was clear: “I want more than anything to meet (people). We are going step by step, little by little”.

Eleonora Wexler revealed that she gets along with loneliness

“Sometimes I would like to be in a relationship again and sometimes not, I have moments and moments. Alone I have a very full life. The truth is that. I get along very well with my loneliness. I really enjoy my friends, my family, my daughter, my dogs, watching a movie alone and then reading a book”, Wexler detailed in 2021 when it became known that he was starting a relationship.

Eleonora Wexler at a UNICEF gala in 2021 with her latest boyfriend.
Eleonora Wexler at a UNICEF gala in 2021 with her latest boyfriend.

“I go out to eat with a friend at night, I go to the theater, in short, I have a lot of freedom. I love what I do, I feel passion for my work and that makes me feel complete. My life today has many seasonings, so many that if a man doesn’t add up, it’s not worth negotiating my freedom. Unless I get a crazy crush and go, ‘Wow, what happened? Ok, let’s negotiate’”, completed the artist.

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